Facebook policy

Welcome to the Flybe Facebook page! We’re here to help Mon – Fri 6am-10pm (including bank holidays), and Sat/Sun 8am-10pm.
Our goal is to update Flybe fans with the latest news and offers and to provide a forum for you to engage with us.

Like our flights, we want our Flybe page to be safe and welcoming for all users and therefore we’ve set out a few house rules:

As this is an open fan page we ask you not to share any personal information about yourself e.g. email address, booking confirmations, reference numbers or bank details. 


Be respectful:
We want our Facebook page to be a pleasant place to visit, so any language that could be construed as offensive, abusive or threatening will be removed. We reserve the right to block a fan who continues to do this.

We welcome your feedback and will remain transparent with all posts and comments.  Our page is for all users to enjoy, so please avoid repeating posts about the same topic.  Repetitive or inappropriate comments, thoughts or suggestions may be removed and users run the risk of being permanently blocked if they continue to post. If you would like to make a complaint please email [email protected].

Please make sure your posts are factually correct, legal, are not defamatory, do not invade a person’s privacy or infringe on copyright or other intellectual property rights.


Any advertising, links to third party sites, links to Facebook or other forms of spam will be removed.


English only:
At the moment we are only able to respond to posts written in English. We will try to respond to posts in other languages however this may not always be possible.


And finally:
All content posted on this page must comply with Facebook’s Terms and Conditions.
Flybe is not responsible or liable for any content posted or uploaded to this site by a user or any content on third party sites.

Thank you