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Terms and conditions


Flybe has now partnered with Avios, the travel rewards experts, to provide you with a new way to collect and spend Avios from the 27th October. New and existing customers should visit to discover the benefits and pre-register interest.


From the 10th October 2014 Rewards4all, Flybe’s frequent flyer programme will be closed to new members. Existing members will be able to earn points until the 9th January 2015 and those members need to use their existing points by the 31st March for flights booked and flown by the 24th October 2015.



In these Terms and Conditions, references to we or us or our are references to Flybe and references to you or your are references to the Member. These Terms and Conditions (as may be amended from time to time) will govern the relationship between you and us in relation to your Membership of Rewards 4all and will apply to you each time you earn or spend Points. You should read all of these Terms and Conditions carefully before taking out your Membership. Whilst all of these Terms and Conditions are important to you, we would draw your attention in particular to Clause 10 (Data Protection) and Clause 11 (Limits and Exclusions on our liability). You should note that these Terms and Conditions contain some exclusions, and limitations on our potential liability to you.

1. Definitions

In these Terms and Conditions, unless the context otherwise requires the following words and phrases shall have the meanings given to them in this clause:

“Activation” means the first Point earning activity on your account;

“Adult” means a person who is not either a Minor or a Dependent;

“Benefits” means the benefits, Points, and services from time to time available to Members that are provided by us or by our nominated agent or representative;

“Executive Lounge Access” means access to our executive lounge facilities at Belfast City, Birmingham, Guernsey, Jersey, London Gatwick, Southampton, Inverness, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen

‘Flybe’ means Flybe Limited;

“Dependant” means child of a Member who is between the ages of 2 and 18 years of age;

“Flybe Flight” means a flight on one of our planes or on a plane operated by one of our nominated agents or partners

“Fraud” includes fraud, dishonesty and deceit and in particular:
• knowingly supplying incorrect information to us including at the time of booking to accrue Points;
• attempting to accrue Points for Sectors which have not been flown or are not eligible for Points;
• altering documents to procure Points;
• using or attempting to use stolen or counterfeit tickets on Flybe Flights;
• attempting to accrue Points more than once for the same Sector;

 knowingly benefiting from the Fraud of another Member or individual;

“Infant” means the child of a Member who is between 0 and 2 years of age;

“Premiercard” means the cards issued to those Members who redeem their points for access to Executive Lounges and what must be shown, in addition to a valid Flybe booking reference or boarding pass, in order to your access to our Executive Lounges;

“Lounge Cards” means the cards issued to those Members who purchase Access to Executive Lounges and what must be shown in order to your access to our Executive Lounges;

“Member” means the person who is a member of Rewards 4all;

“Membership” means membership of Rewards 4all;

“Points” means the credits denominated as Points earned by a Member and credited to a Member’s account;
“Return UK and ROI Just Fly Flight” means a return Just Fly class Flybe  flight departing from and arriving at airports within the United kingdom and ROI only

“Return UK and ROI New  Economy Flight” means a return new  economy class Flybe Flight departing from and arriving at airports within the United Kingdom and ROI only

“Return UK All In Flight” means a return All In Flybe Flight departing from and arriving at airports within the United Kingdom and ROI only

“Return European Just Fly Flight” means a return Just Fly class Flybe  flight  departing from and arriving at airports within the EU

“Return European All In Flight” means a return All In Flybe Flight departing from and arriving at airports within the EU

"Rewards 4all" means our Rewards 4all programme;

“Reward Flight” means any ticket for a Flybe flight that is issued by as or on our behalf upon redemption by a Member of Points;

“Sector” means a single eligible flight sector between two destinations, identified by a single flight number;
“Multi-sector flight” means a flight sold on and made up of two or more flight sectors;

“Year” means the period of 12 months from the date of activation of the Member’s membership of Rewards 4all and each period of 12 months thereafter.


2. Membership

2.1 To apply for Membership of the Rewards 4all Scheme you must apply online at

2.2 Membership of the Rewards 4all Scheme is for private individuals only and companies, partnerships, limited liability partnerships, associations, and other business entities are not eligible to be enrolled as Members.

2.3 In order to be eligible for Membership you must be 18 years of age or over. Persons under the age of 18 years can be a Dependant but not a Member.

2.4 In order to become a Member you must provide us with a valid e-mail address, and your full name, household address, contact telephone number and date-of-birth. The name that you provide must match the name on your passport or any other photographic id that you use to travel. Your Account will be closed if we find that you have provided false details to us deliberately.

2.5 Notwithstanding the other provisions of these Terms and Conditions, we retain absolute discretion (which we will exercise reasonably) to accept or reject any application for Membership. We also retain absolute discretion to suspend or terminate any Membership following: (a) the commission of a Fraud;  (b) the commission of misconduct which shall include but shall not be limited to (i) failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions/or the rules that apply to all Flybe Flights (see link to rules); (ii) misuse of the Benefits; or (iii) the use of threatening, abusive or insulting language or behaving in a threatening, abusive or insulting manner when dealing with any Flybe staff members or staff members of our nominated agents or representatives.

2.6 When setting up your Account, you must provide a password and a security question that you will have to state to access your account. It is your responsibility to keep these details confidential.

2.7 It is your responsibility to ensure that your account details are kept up-to-date. This can be done by logging on to your account and choosing the option ‘Update Details’.

2.8 Changes in the name of the account holder are not normally allowed. There are certain special circumstances in which a name change will be allowed, e.g. after marriage. If you wish to change the name on your account you must write to us with documentation supporting a legitimate change of name (e.g. a copy of your marriage certificate).

2.9 You may only hold one Membership at any time. If two Memberships have been assigned to you in error then one of the Memberships will be closed, the Memberships will be combined and the Points transferred to the single Membership, less any duplicated Points from the same activity.

2.10 Neither your Membership or your Points are transferable for any reason (including without limit upon your death, or through any other intervention of the courts) to any person without our prior consent, which we may withhold at our discretion.

2.11 For the avoidance of doubt, Rewards 4all is neither a members’ nor a proprietary club.

3. Earning points

3.1 You will earn Points as follows:
(i) One Point per one-way Just Fly   flight completed
(ii)one Point per one-way New  Economy  flight completed
(iii) Two points per one-way All In flight completed
(iv) Two Points per Just Fly Return flights completed
(iv) Two points per Get More Return flights completed
(v) Four points for All In Return flights completed

3.1b Points are not earned for flights operated by Etihad

3.2 Points can be earned by the account holder for the flights they complete personally, regardless of who purchased their ticket. If your flight is delayed or cancelled and you decide not to travel your points will still be allocated. You cannot earn points for any other adult passenger travelling with Flybe. You are entitled to points for dependants (see clause 3.5)

3.3 Infants are not eligible to earn Points.

3.4 Dependents will earn the same amount of points as the Member (see clause 3.1 above).

3.5 There is no limit to the number of Dependants that you can claim Points for. If a dependant is aged between 2 - 18 years and you have made the booking and are travelling with them on the same flight and booking reference you are entitled to points for their flights. You can receive their points automatically, along with your own, if you book through your online customer account and tick the legal dependant tick box when entering their personal details. If you book flights for your family through an agent you will need to contact our rewards4all team and request for their points to be added to your account. Always quote your booking reference when contacting rewards4all.

3.6 If you book your flight through your online customer account, and then name in your account matches the name you have booked in, then your reward points will automatically be allocated to your account within 24 hours of completing your flight.

3.7 If you book your Flybe Flight through a travel agent or any other channel you can claim Points by logging into your account after you have booked. Points must be claimed at through your customer account within three months of the date of departure by entering your valid Flybe booking reference into the ‘Claim Points’ facility in your account.

3.8 At certain times we may offer additional promotional Points to Members for certain flights or routes. Such offers are temporary and we reserve the right to modify or eliminate such offers at any time without notice.
3.9 Points will not be credited where you are earning credits for another loyalty scheme for the same booking and any Points so earned are liable to recapture.

3.10 Points can be earned for any revenue booking created through any distribution channel including online, Shares, Galileo, Sabre, Amadeus and Worldspan.

3.11 Rewards4all points earned for flights completed with Flybe are valid for 2 years from the date they are allocated to your account. Points earned for Flybe Credit Card purchases are valid for 12 months from the date they are allocated to your account. Points will automatically be removed from your account on the date they expire. 

3.12 If you believe that you are due to be awarded a Point for a recent flight and it has not been deposited in your account, you can contact the rewards4all team for further advice. In cases of dispute about entitlement to Points, we may require proof of travel on the relevant Flybe Flight including the retained segment of your boarding pass and passenger receipts for the Flybe Flight claimed to have been flown. Claims must be lodged within 3 months of the date of travel.

3.13 Points cannot be transferred, assigned, bartered with or otherwise passed to any other person nor may they be pooled with Points earned by other account holders.

3.14 Flights taken on carriers other than Flybe, codeshare flights, non-revenue flights, service charged flights, reward flights and staff travel are not eligible for Points. Reward Flights are not eligible to accrue further Points.

3.15 All rights, title and property in Points remain with Flybe at all times and never pass to Members.  Points are not redeemable for cash, refundable or exchangeable for any other tickets or anything else and if you purport to do so we may confiscate all your Points.

4. Account statements

4.1 Once you have activated your Account you will be able to view your Account Information including the number of Points that you have available by logging in to your account. We do not offer and will not provide a paper statement of your account status or available Points.

4.2 Online statements will be updated within a 24 hour period of the last account transaction (earning or spending Points).

4.3 If you notice any errors or omissions on your account statement then you must notify us within 3 months from the date on which the relevant Points were earned. Any failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of your entitlement to receive such Points.

5. Spending points to purchase reward flights and Executive Lounge access

5.1 Points may only be used towards the cost of Flybe Flights (where you just pay taxes and charges) and Executive Lounge access. The number of Points required to purchase Reward Flights (where you just pay taxes and charges) and Executive Lounge access are as follows:


  • 16 Rewards4All Points = 1 Just Fly return flight (where you just pay taxes and charges) within the UK and/or within ROI
  • 16 Rewards4All Points = 1 Get More return flight (where you just pay taxes and charges) within the UK and/or within ROI – Get More supplement applies
  • 22 Rewards4All Points = 1 All In return flight (where you just pay taxes and charges) within the UK and/or within ROI
  • 24 Rewards4All Points = 1 Just Fly return flight (where you just pay taxes and charges) between UK and Europe (not available on routes to Portugal, Croatia, Spain with the exception of Barcelona)
  • 24 Rewards4All Points = 1 Get More return flight (where you just pay taxes and charges) between UK and Europe(not available on routes to Portugal, Croatia, Spain with the exception of Barcelona)– Get More supplement applies
  • 30 Rewards4All Points = 1 All In return flight (where you just pay taxes and charges) between UK and Europe(not available on routes to Portugal, Croatia, Spain with the exception of Barcelona)

Passengers who have made a reservation for an unaccompanied minor, can have their points added to their account by emailing spend&[email protected]

Rewards4All seats will be available to view and book within weeks following the release of our winter/summer schedule.

5.2. Points can only be redeemed for the options in clause 5.1. Points cannot be used for a portion of the benefits, including one-way flights or 6 months lounge access.
5.2.a Points cannot be redeemed for multi-sector flights

5.2.b Please note that Rewards4All seat availability will be available for view and booking within weeks following the release of the winter or summer schedule.

5.3 We reserve the right to modify the Rewards 4all Scheme at any time. This may include (without limit) the number of Points required for the purchase of Reward Flights (where you just pay taxes and charges) and / or Executive Lounge Access.

5.4. Discounted web fares may occasionally be available at a lower cost (including taxes & charges) than equivalent reward flights. Therefore, Flybe recommends customers are flexible with their travel dates when searching for reward flights.

5.5 The number of seats available for the Rewards 4all members paying with points is subject to availability and is limited on each flight. We reserve the right to add to or limit the availability of Reward Flights and/or Executive Lounge Access at any time. We recommend that members are flexible with their travel dates.

5.6 Except as otherwise stated in these Terms and Conditions, you may use your Points to purchase Reward Flights for anyone that you choose. Passengers on your booking don’t need to be a Member.

5.7 You may purchase a Reward Flight (where you just pay taxes and charges) for an unaccompanied minor. Such flights must be purchased through our Call Centre. Bookings for unaccompanied Minors are subject to a fee which is currently £39 (€46, 60CHF) per sector per unaccompanied minor.

5.8 Points can only be used online at You must log in to your account before spending your Points.

5.9 Points cover the cost of the airfare only. They do not cover the cost of taxes, surcharges, insurance, advanced seat assignment, baggage, customs fines, immigration fees, airport charges, agricultural inspection fees, security, customer user fees or any other charges related to the booking. The exception to this rule is for All In Flights purchased with Points, which include charges for advanced seat assignment and standard baggage only.

5.10 Additional charges are subject to debit and credit card fees – current charges are shown at charges.(link to charges)

5.11 The rewards4all account manage can redeem their points for a Premiercard in their name only.
5.12 Only the Premiercard holder is allowed access to our Executive Lounges and neither Dependants, Minors nor guests will be permitted access to them.

5.13 Members may be required to show proof of identity when accessing the Executive Lounges with a Premiercard and for this purpose valid forms of identity include Passport, or photographic drivers licence.

5.14 Members must be travelling on a revenue ticket Flybe flight when using their Premiercard to access the executive lounges.

5.15 We shall not be responsible for and will not replace lost, stolen, destroyed or defaced Lounge Cards.

5.16 Flybe Shuttle flights cannot be redeemed using Rewards4All points

5.17 60:60 vouchers cannot be used towards the payment of Rewards4All bookings

6. Making changes to reward flight bookings

6.1 Reward Flight bookings can be upgraded via our call centre with our standard change fees applying (see link to fees).

6.2 Reward Flights are subject to the same cancellation rules as other Flybe Flights (see link to rules). In the event of cancellation of a Reward Flight, Points used to purchase it will not be allocated back to the Member’s Account.

6.3 Name changes are permitted on Reward Flight tickets, providing no Sectors have already been flown. Standard Name Change Fees apply and are shown at link to current charges. Name changes can only be done through our call centre and are permitted up to two hours before flight departure.

6.4 Changes to the flight date and time are permitted up to two hours before the flight’s departure time. Standard Itinerary Change Fees apply and are shown at link to current charges. Changes are subject to availability of seats on the preferred flights. Date and time changes must be made through our call centre.

7. Misuse of accounts and points

7.1 In addition to any other rights or remedies that we may have, in the event that in our reasonable opinion you have committed a Fraud or if you have breached these terms and Conditions we may at any time in our absolute discretion terminate your Membership without prior notice (although we will always notify you in writing after such termination).  In such circumstances we may also cancel all accrued and accruing Points and any Reward Flights and / or your entitlement to use our Executive Lounges.

7.2 Points are void if sold, auctioned, bartered, or otherwise assigned or transferred. Such activity is prohibited and will result in denial of travel and/or redemption of Points and may also result in the cancellation of all accrued Points and/or cancellation of your Rewards4all Membership.

7.3 You shall be liable to us for the full price of any Reward Flights and/or Executive Lounge Access that you have taken and for which you have paid for with Points that you have accrued wholly or partly by your Fraud or otherwise in breach of these Terms and Conditions. Your liability in such circumstances will be to reimburse us for the full amount of the published fare for your ticket and/or Executive Lounge Access at our then-current rates together with the full extent of our costs (including legal and administrative expenses).

8. Your right to terminate your membership

8.1 You may cancel your Membership of the Rewards4all Scheme at any time by either writing to us or by calling us at our call centre. In the event that you cancel your Membership you will lose all of your accrued and accruing Points. The Termination of your Membership does not relieve you of any continuing obligations under these Terms and Conditions.

9. Terminations or modification of Rewards4all

9.1 We may terminate the Rewards 4all Scheme at any time however we shall use reasonable endeavours to give you not less than 3 months notice of such termination. You acknowledge that upon the expiry of such notice period your accrued Points and your right to use or accrue Points shall expire.

9.2 We reserve the right at our sole discretion to modify, amend, add to, temporarily withdraw or withdraw the Rewards 4all Scheme and to impose any variations on these Terms and Conditions, the use of Points, or to the points cost of Reward Flights and Executive Lounge Access at any time. We will give you as much notice as is practical of any such changes either directly or via Once notice of such modification, amendment, or withdrawal has been given, your continued participation with the Rewards4all Scheme shall be deemed to constitute your acceptance of it. If you do not accept the change then you may terminate your Membership in accordance with clause 6.1 above.

10. Data protection

10.1 By taking up Membership you will be deemed to have consented to:

10.1.1 us creating, maintaining and updating a database of personal data regarding your Membership (“Data”)

10.1.2 your Data being supplied to other bodies of our choice that are our agents of representatives in the provision of the Rewards 4all Scheme (including but not limited to our subsidiaries) and including their respective employees, agents and contractors;

10.1.3 your Data being transferred to countries outside of Europe whether or not such countries have data protection laws.

10.2 Data may include:

10.2.1 Membership data

10.2.2 data received from other bodies of our choice that are our agents of representatives in the provision of the Rewards4all Scheme

10.2.3 any personal data supplied by you.

10.3 Data will be held, updated and used:

10.3.1 to provide services offered generally as part of the Rewards4all Scheme;

10.3.2  to develop new services (both as part of the Rewards4all Scheme and as part of our general commitment to improve our services to our customers);

10.3.3 to enhance our customer service;

10.3.4 for marketing and market research purposes; and

10.3.5 to send mailings to Members.

10.4 Your consent under clause 8.1 will be deemed to continue until you write to us at Rewards4all, New Walker Hangar, Exeter International Airport, Clyst Honiton, Exeter, Devon EX5 2BA. Withdrawal of your consent may mean that certain services and benefits may no longer be provided to you, and will also entitle us to terminate your Membership with immediate effect.


11.  Limits and exclusions on our liability

11.1 We shall not be liable for any loss, delay, damage or injury which occurs in connection with your Membership or the use or redemption of your Points, except for any such loss caused by our own negligence or wilful default.

11.2 Our sole liability to you in the event of our negligence, wilful default, breach of contract or for any other matter, shall be limited to re-crediting your Account with Points equal to those that would have been earned you or that you have spent, in relation to the matter in connection with which our default occurred.

11.3 Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall be construed as a limit on our liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence.

12. General

12.1 We make no representations as to any income, use, excise or other tax liability that you may incur as a result of your Membership (e.g. arising if you earn Points from business related flights). You are advised to check with your accountant or tax adviser in relation to such potential liabilities and we shall not have any liability to you for any tax that you incur as a result of your Membership.

12.2 These Terms and Conditions and the relationship between you and us is governed by English law and you hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

12.3 If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is declared void or unenforceable by any competent authority or court, the part that is deemed void or unenforceable or void shall be severed and shall not affect the other provisions of these Terms and Conditions which shall continue unaffected.

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