Flybe price guide

Flybe, as with the majority of airlines worldwide, have a fluid pricing approach that is simply based on supply and demand. On every flight, seats will be available for sale at a variety of price bands which can range from our lowest fares through to our highest flexible fares. At the point that all seats on a flight are available, it is likely fares in our lowest price bands will be available, then as more and more people make bookings, the aircraft starts to fill up, seats in the low price bands will sell out and dynamically seats will then start to be sold in the next price band up. This continues until the aircraft is full. This is why generally the further before travel a booking is made, the more seats on the plane will be available, therefore more of the lowest prices will be found.

There will of course always be exceptions to this general principle. From time to time Flybe will offer special discount promotions on certain routes for defined travel periods which may mean that a cheaper price may be offered than previously available. Equally, if a promotion results in a surge of thousands of bookings aircraft may fill up quickly which may mean our fares start to increase.

Flybe would however always advise that the best chance of securing our lowest fares is to book as far in advance as possible.