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01 JULY 2015


  • Flybe welcomes the Davies Report and a new runway at Heathrow
  • But the additional capacity must serve all of UK, not just South East
  • Regional routes into Heathrow will require both Heathrow and Government support
  • Environmental concerns must be addressed
  • Flybe’s turboprops are among quietest and low emission of any commercial aircraft


Flybe CEO, Saad Hammad says:

“Flybe supports the need for additional runway capacity and, as the UK’s largest regional airline, we support the choice of Heathrow by the Airports Commission. As part of its expansion plans, Heathrow has articulated a clear vision to enhance regional connectivity and it is crucial that this is delivered. The new runway capacity must be made financially accessible to the whole of the country, with guaranteed slots at reduced rates to regional operators to make this an asset for the whole of the UK, not just the South East.

“Flybe therefore welcomes the Commission’s recommendation that the Government should alter its guidance to assess Public Service Obligation routes on an airport-to-airport basis, and should use them to support a widespread network of domestic routes into Heathrow. Similarly, we endorse the Commission’s view that the Heathrow owners should offer reduced charges and start-up funding for regional services.

“Sir Howard Davies has also made it clear that decisions and actions will need to take account of aircraft emissions and noise. Flybe has long realised the importance of providing an environmentally efficient way to travel, both in terms of emissions and noise footprint. Our state-of-the-art, environmentally sensitive Bombardier Q400 planes are – on a per passenger basis - as fuel-efficient as an eco-friendly car and produce emissions that are 30-40% lower than commercial jets. Moreover, our Q400 aircraft are among the quietest commercial aircraft in the world.

“The economic case for Heathrow is clear, but safeguards are needed to protect the interests of regional customers.

“It is now over to the politicians and we look forward to the Government’s response.”