The Sustainable Business Improvement Plan is based on six pillars which are underpinned by a strong organisation and safety culture.

sustainable business improvement plan

1. The customer

The customer will be put at the heart of everything we do. Sales and marketing will deliver sustainable revenue growth to maximise profitability while optimising the customer experience and improving the customer interface at every touch point. Flybe’s digital proposition will be enhanced through a strong digital e-commerce platform and the Flybe product will be developed in line with insights gathered from a better understanding of Flybe customers. This requires significant investment and will take several years to deliver in full.

2. Network and fleet optimisation

We will deliver an optimised network focusing on positive route contribution based on customer and financial analytics starting from Winter 2017. The delivery of the tighter network will follow a structured process with minimal changes once the schedule is published.
We intend to make a decision during this financial year on the long-term fleet configuration.

3. Operational excellence with reliability and on time performance

With a better understanding and knowledge of our customers and a demand-driven network, we need to improve reliability and on-time performance and always seek continuous improvement. We also plan to re-design and implement a new structure for our engineering organisation which remains core to our business. The expert support offered by our Training Academy will be important to plans to drive customer service and profitability.

4. Organisational excellence

We shall design and implement a cost-effective organisation structure with clear and aligned KPIs cascaded and embedded in every role profile and annual performance measurement. The basics need to be in place combined with a strong backbone of policies, processes and a transparent remuneration policy.

5. Technology

We will build further resilience into our IT platform during 2017 and invest in the core operational platforms as we move towards improving the digital experience for passengers and implementing industry leading support systems for our engineering platforms. 

In 2018, we will move towards offering our customers a truly digital online experience as we invest in a new platform. The new platform will not just benefit our customers. The first phase will commence this summer when we will launch the Electronic Flight Bag which will bring paperless working to our flight deck, enabling operational data to flow more efficiently into our operations team.

 A principal reason for customer dissatisfaction is the quality of our website and their interaction with it. Over 80% of our customers are booking online via our website, with the majority being repeat customers. Our new digital platform, backed by our sales and marketing action plan, will enable us to attract new customers and enhance our customer relationship management.

6. Costs

We will continue to look for ways to reduce costs at all levels of our business without hindering our performance and the quality service we deliver to our customers.

Organisation and safety culture

The Sustainable Business Improvement Plan is underpinned by a strong organisation and safety culture, aiming to ensure that every employee believes they can and will contribute to Flybe’s success.

Improved employee engagement will be key to delivering the strategy. We will regularly survey our employees to measure progress and adapt our approach as appropriate. To support the delivery of our 2017/18 objectives, we will drive the right behaviours through the following balanced values:

  • Care and respect;
  • Customer-focused;
  • Teamwork;
  • Continuous improvement;
  • and Accountability.