Nick's story

Meet Captain Nick

Pilot, based in Southampton  

When there were no trolleys to off-load passengers’ bags, Captain Nick rolled up his sleeves and got to work to avoid passenger delays.

“When we landed at our destination, we discovered that unfortunately there weren’t enough trolleys to off-load Flybe passengers’ bags straight away. This was going to result in the passengers being held on-board for an unreasonably long time, and delay to the departure of the next Flybe flight. I felt this was unacceptable, so I decided to do something about it, and off-load the bags manually myself. I went to the hold where there were a couple of ground staff, and told them I’d help them. They started the conveyer belt to off-load the bags (at max speed!), and together we got to work. When the trolley was full we ran the remaining bags to the front stairs one by one. Within five minutes all the bags were at the foot of the front stairs, and the passengers could start disembarking.”


Watch exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of our photoshoot with Nick!

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