Flybe Hero Andy

Meet Andy

Engineer, based in Exeter

When an elderly couple’s car failed to start before an important family event, quick-thinking Andy was on hand to get them going again.

“I was at Flybe Exeter when an elderly passenger shouted down to me from the car park. He’d just returned on a Flybe flight from Malaga, and his car wouldn’t start. He contacted his breakdown company - they told him that as it was a bank holiday weekend he would have a two hour wait. He and his wife were desperate to get back to Cornwall for an important family party that night. I quickly finished my work, then headed to the car park to see if I could help. I discovered their car battery was flat because they’d accidentally left their lights on. I said I might be able to jump-start their vehicle with my van, and that’s what I did. The relief on their faces was priceless! As they drove away they called out “we’ll definitely fly with Flybe again!”.


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