“Young girls cannot be what they cannot see”

Flyshe - Inspiring young girls into all areas of aviation

There are still some professions where women are not trusted to do as good a job as a man.

High trust roles like surgeon, soldier and pilot.

This is having a huge impact on the aviation industry, as the key roles of pilot, engineer and high level management are all seen as jobs for the boys.

In our recent survey, only 5% of flyers said they’d feel safer with a woman at the controls.

These shocking gender biases are endemic in popular culture and ingrained at an early age.

This is limiting the career aspirations of girls and young women.

At Flybe, we want to change this.

Every day, we champion women in all areas of our business.

Gender equality is written right through our organisation like a stick of rock.

Now, we are giving it a name. FlyShe.

FlyShe is a series of ongoing and new initiatives designed to change aspirations and create opportunity for women.

We will be providing educational materials, visiting schools, offering training and organising events to raise the sights of young girls everywhere.

Beginning with the airline industry, but extending beyond.

There should be no such thing as jobs for the boys.

But young girls cannot be what they cannot see.

FlyShe will show women they can fly high.

Gender bias in aviation

In 2018, Flybe commissioned some independent research to explore how engrained gender role stereotypes are among 1,778 adults and 1,778 children in the UK. We wanted to find out who…

"I was one of the few female engineers who worked on Concorde. Now I’m one of the only female airline CEOs in the world. I want to show girls and women that there are no glass ceilings in the sky." Christine Ourmières-Widener, Flybe CEO
Christine Ourmières-Widener

Flybe Females

Here are some of the women who work at Flybe.

  • Maja

    Maja Director of Communications

  • Sarah

    Sarah Captain Q400

  • Claire

    Claire Head of Talent

  • Sophia and Charlotte

    Sophia and Charlotte Engineers

  • Jo-Anne

    Jo-Anne Technical Training Manager

  • Sarah

    Sarah Head of E-Commerce

Some of the things we’re already doing







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Cabin crew



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