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Few cities in the world have the vast cultural heritage, and the romance and passion of Rome. The Eternal City is home to artistic and architectural treasures, incredible food and hedonistic nightlife. Rome Fiumicino Airport has great transport links to and from central Rome, book your flight from Rome with Flybe now!

Travel to and from Rome Fumicino Airport


Name: Rome Fiumicino

Departure Terminal: Terminal 3

Address: Via dell'Aeroporto di Fiumicino, 00054, Fiumicino RM

Telephone: +39 06 65951


There are 2,000 covered and 2,000 uncovered short and long stay parking spaces available, the long stay car parking is just a 10 minute shuttle bus ride away from the airport terminals, and short stay is conveniently connected to the airport by a pedestrian walkway.

Public Transport

There are several options for travelling by bus between central Rome and the airport terminals, the airport bus stops are situated opposite terminal 2 arrivals, and at the Bus hub adjacent to the terminal 3 exit.
There is also a train station located in the airport which you can reach easily from the city centre.


Taxi services are available at both the Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 arrival areas, authorised Taxi vehicles are white, with a 'Taxi' sign on the roof. The cost of a taxi between Rome city center and the airport is 48 euros.

Car Hire

Car hire is available from Rome airport, the car rental desks are located in Office Tower 2. Cars should be returned to the same area as where they were hired from (builidng A, B, or C of te Multilevel Parking.