Refund terms and conditions

Passengers who originally made their booking through a 3rd party (i.e. tour operator, travel agent or other airline website) should contact them to arrange a refund.

1) Passengers can request a refund for their cancelled flight only and keep any existing flights (where applicable) in the booking; or request a refund for a cancelled flight and all other un-flown flights (where applicable) in the booking.

2) Once a refund request has been submitted the applicable flight(s) will be automatically cancelled and unable to be reinstated.

3) Flybe will endeavour to process the refund request within 7 days. Your bank may take longer to deliver the refund to your account.

4) All passengers in the booking will be affected by the refund requested online. If any passenger wishes to travel separately please contact the customer call centre before amending the booking online.

5) Passengers who have made a car hire, car parking, hotel or travel insurance reservation are required to notify their booking changes to Avis, Car Parking, and AIG respectively using the contact details below.

If you wish to make or amend an existing car parking booking please call us on 0871 312 0031
Avis: -If you wish to make or amend an existing car hire booking, please contact Avis on 0844 581 0155.
AIG: - If you wish to contact AIG with any details of you Insurance cover, please contact 0207 954 7898. -If you wish to make a booking with our Hotel partner please visit