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Google Analytics is used to gather statistics on how is used by customers.

Statistic gathering

Doubleclick is used to manage and report on the response to display banner advertising. Used by media partners McCann and Starcom.

Ad serving and attribution tracking

Boxever is a specialist in creating personalized advertisements and on site experiences. They work with online partners to build advertisements for their website visitors or prospects and with publishers to display personalized advertisements as well as helping us tailor the website experience to suit the individual.

Dynamic retargeting and personalisation.

Invite Media runs a platform that allows their clients to buy or sell ad space on websites for online advertising.

Biddable media trading desk

AOL Advertising Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AOL Inc., integrating AOL’s leading media properties, targeted marketing technology, and's mass reach into a unified solution for advertisers and publishers.

Network media supplier

Specific Media is an online advertising network. We work with hundreds of websites in the US, UK, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway buying display (image) advertising space and re-selling it in carefully targeted packages to advertisers and agencies. The targeting options we offer range from simple geographic locations, to more complicated targeting involving user’s interests. As we target, we identify the sites and groups of users that are most likely to create a response to an advertiser's campaign.

Network media supplier

Quantcast provides real-time detailed audience profiles for advertisers to buy, sell, connect and learn more about what consumers are doing online.

Network media supplier

Google Ad Services is used to manage and report on paid search advertising.

Search campaign management

AppNexus operates an online advertising exchange. Their core technology platform enables ad networks and agencies real-time media buying capabilities and a gateway to multiple inventory aggregators. Their platform is supported by cloud computing technology.

Biddable media inventory supplier is an independent ad server solution and provides an ad serving platform for publishers/advertisers, marketers and agencies.

Ad serving and attribution tracking

Facebook is an online social network accessible to anyone with an active email address. People use Facebook to keep up with friends, upload photos, share links and videos, and learn more about the people they meet.

Social Media supplier

Their affiliate marketing network helps a broad community of publishers, advertisers, agencies and developers to share connections and grow revenues, and we are unique in making our market-leading affiliate marketing technology available as an in-house solution to manage all aspects of performance marketing activity.

Affiliates campaign managment

Commission Junction provides online performance marketing solutions for advertisers and publishers.

Affiliates campaign managment

MediaMath is a global provider of digital advertising media and data management technology.

Ad serving and attribution tracking

AppNexus is a digital advertising technology platform which provides tools for advertisers, or buyers, to purchase ad space and for website and mobile application publishers, or sellers, to sell their ad space in the most efficient way possible.

Ad serving and attribution tracking

Sojern is a data and analytics specialist. Sojern's cookies are used to manage and report on the response to display banner advertising. Pixel is placed on confirmation page to track conversions made.

Ad serving and attribution tracking

1XL is an independent sales house exclusively representing a number of premium blue chip publishers of local and regional news titles. Advertising opportunities spanning display, programmatic, native content & bespoke partnerships.

Ad serving and attribution tracking

Captify is data and technology company which aims to enhance consumers online advertising experience by showing them personalised adverts for products we think they might like, based on their recent browsing history.

Ad serving and attribution tracking

Media iQ is an analytics technology company that collects consumer data and creates insights from large data sets to drive business growth for advertisers.

Network media supplier

Boxever is an analytics and functionality tool that collects consumer data and creates insights from large data sets to drive business growth for Flybe. It helps to personalise your visit to our website by remembering you when you return.

It uses a tag to do this browser_id, and this tracks events with another cookie flybe_boxever_id

Urgency messaging





Dropped basket reminders

Personalised view of


Cloudflare Inc. technology is used to

identify malicious visitors and attacks to Flybe website, reduce the chance of blocking legitimate users and to optimize content delivery to Flybe website users.

Website security and content delivery optimisation.

Sublime Skinz is a leading adtech company specializing in the distribution and optimization of Skinz-based advertising.

Ad serving and attribution tracking

Blis is the global leader in advanced location data technology. Our proprietary platform provides businesses with accurate location data and in-depth behavioural insights to serve digital content to audiences that are on the go.

Ad serving and attribution tracking

We enable you to orchestrate sophisticated programmatic ad campaigns across digital screens, television and out-of-home channels from one platform.

Ad serving and attribution tracking

A global leading Native Advertising Technology Platform

Formed in 2011, ADYOULIKE innovates in Ad Tech and develops unique and disruptive technologies to manage supply and demand in advertising

Ad serving and attribution tracking Webtrends capability works to optimise the digital customer experience by running A/B and multivariate tests. Website testing to support the optimisation of