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Flight Extras & Information

Flight Extras & Information

Choose a seat

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If you’ve got a favourite seat, or if you’d like to make sure you sit together, you can choose a seat for a small fee during booking, or any time before travel via Manage my booking.

Purchase your bags

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If you haven’t already added baggage, or you need to purchase more, you can add or upgrade your allowance via Manage my booking. Larger cabin baggage will need to use our Valet Bag Service due to limited storage on board.

Ways to check in

The quickest and easiest way to check in for your flybe flight is online at

You can check in online from 36 hours before your departure time and up to 40 minutes before the gate closes. Please note this is 50 minutes before the gate closes at London Heathrow and Amsterdam.

Simply enter your name and booking reference when you check in online. Once checked in you’ll be able to print your boarding pass or save it to your smartphone.

After you've checked-in online

If you’re travelling with cabin baggage only, print your boarding pass or save it to your smartphone and go straight to security at the airport.

If you’re using our Valet Bag Service or have hold baggage to check in, go to one of our bag drop check in kiosks when you arrive at the airport, where your baggage will be tagged and accepted for the flight. All baggage must be checked in at the airport no later than 40 minutes before the flight departs. At London Heathrow and Amsterdam it is 50 minutes before the flight departs. Once all baggage has been checked in you can go straight to security and through to departures.

If you’re travelling on a group booking with nine or more passengers, online check-in isn’t available. Please check in at the airport instead.

While we encourage all of our passengers to check in online airport check in is available. You’ll find our airport check in desks open at least two hours prior to departure.

Please ensure you arrive at your departure airport in plenty of time to board your flight, taking into consideration the time you’ll need to go through security, and any extra checks required relating to COVID-19.

Please have your boarding pass, photographic ID or and passport (plus any other travel documents such as visas) readily available when boarding at the gate. If you arrive at the boarding gate after the gate has closed, you will not be able to board the flight.

ID requirements

To board a flybe flight, you must present one of the following forms of identification.

All ID must be photographic unless otherwise stated below:

All ID must be photographic unless otherwise stated

  • A valid passport

  • An expired passport (domestic flights only up to two years after expiry)

  • Valid Full or Provisional driving licence. (Driving licences are not accepted for travel between the UK and the Republic of Ireland.)

  • Valid armed forces identity card

  • Valid police warrant card/badge

  • Valid airport employees or crew security identity pass

  • A child on a parent’s passport is an acceptable form of ID

  • Citizen Card or Civilian Card

  • Valid firearm certificate

  • Valid Government-issued identity card

  • NHS SMART card

  • Electoral identity card

  • NUS card (National Union of Students)

  • University/college ID card

  • Company ID card of nationally recognised company

  • Council issued bus pass

  • Young Scot card

  • Disabled badges which have a photograph of the holder

  • Certificate of Competency issued by the Government (domestic routes only, must be photographic)

  • VALIDATE UK PASS photographic proof of age cards.

To board your flight, you must present one of the above-listed forms of photo ID. The name on the identification document must match the passenger name exactly.
Passengers over 16 years old can travel on domestic flights if one of the above-listed identification documents is provided. Infants and children up to the age of 15 are not required to show photo ID on domestic flights.

British and Irish citizens must have a form of photographic ID that proves their nationality/citizenship for immigration purposes, such as a valid passport.
Driving licences are not accepted for travel between the UK and Ireland.

British and Irish citizens under the age of 18 do not need a passport when travelling with a parent or guardian but it is highly recommended that they have one. Without a passport, the parent/guardian must be able to prove the relationship with the child, showing a birth certificate or a marriage certificate.

A child of any other nationality must hold a passport which is covered for the period of intended stay

From 1 October 2021, nationals of the EEA/EU or Switzerland travelling to the United Kingdom must be in possession of a valid passport, as National ID cards issued by the EEA/EU and

Switzerland are no longer acceptable to enter the UK (unless you hold a form of residence status in the UK).

All passengers on international flights must be in possession of a valid passport and, where required, a valid visa. The name on the identification document must match the passenger name exactly.

Children and infants require their own valid passport for travel abroad.

Online Check in Terms & Conditions

  • Online check in is available to all passengers travelling on an e-ticket (*only available on certain routes).

  • Passengers travelling with cabin baggage should ensure that it meets size and weight requirements and does not contain any sharp objects or restricted items.

  • Any passengers with hold baggage should report to the flybe check in desk or use the self-serve bag drop kiosks in the airport.

  • Boarding and gate information may change. Please check the flight information screens in the departure lounge for confirmed boarding and gate information.

  • Failure to be at the boarding gate on time will result in your booking being cancelled and bags being offloaded.

  • All passengers using online check-in must present valid photographic identification or a valid passport for international routes which will be checked at the boarding gate. Any passenger without appropriate identification will be refused travel.

  • Any passenger requiring assistance should make themselves known to staff at the Customer Service desk no later than one hour prior to departure.

  • Online check in should only be completed by the person travelling, any passenger using online check in needs to be present at the time of check in to answer the required security questions.

  • Passengers should be aware that once they have checked in online and subsequently make a change to their reservation, they will be required to check in again at a flybe check in desk upon arrival at the airport to obtain their new boarding pass.

  • For safety reasons, parties containing more than two infants are not permitted to use the online check in facility.