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Baggage Policy

Cabin bags

flybe Lite - our lowest priced, flight-only fare - automatically includes one small cabin bag measuring up to 55cm x 36cm x 20cm and weighing up to 7kgs. This should be an item such as a handbag, tote bag, laptop bag, briefcase or backpack that can fit under the seat in front you.

Backpack web

To make sure everyone can enjoy a comfortable and safe flight with us, it’s important to check the size and weight of your cabin bag before you travel.

If your cabin bag is too big or too heavy, it will need to travel in the aircraft hold and you will be charged the appropriate fee at the gate. You will need to remove any important items such medication or ID, as you won’t be able to access your bag again until you collect it from baggage reclaim on arrival.

Hold luggage

Hold bags are not automatically included. When you purchase a flybe Lite fare, you can choose to add one of our bundles or you can just add bags to your booking:

Our flybe Smart bundle comes with 15kgs hold luggage. See our ticket types for more details.

The flybe Plus bundle comes with 23kgs hold baggage included, and as a bonus, you have the option to swap this for our Valet bag service at the airport free of charge.

A single hold bag should weigh no more than 32kg

Find out more about our bundles.

Add a bag

Simply add your extra hold bag while you’re making your booking.

Choose from

£15 / €1815kg hold bag
£20 / €2423kg hold bag
£20 / €2412kg valet bag

Our flybe Smart and flybe Plus bundles can only be added at the time of booking. However, if you’re planning to add just bags or seat selection individually, you can do so during your initial booking or any time afterwards, right up to before you check in. Simply add and pay for additional bags and seat selection online via Manage my booking.

Any passenger can purchase and carry up to two hold bags with the maximum combined weight of 46kgs.

Valet bag service

If you’d like to carry a little more on your trip, but keep the convenience of a cabin bag, our time-saving Valet bag service is the perfect choice.

Valet bag allows you to leave and collect your bag from the aircraft steps which means you can skip baggage reclaim on arrival. And with Valet bag, you can also enjoy priority boarding.

  • On our flybe Lite and Smart fares, Valet bag is available to purchase as an extra.

  • And with our flybe Plus bundle, you can simply swap your hold bag for a Valet bag free of charge at the airport.

Your Valet bag can measure up to 56cm x 45cm x 25cm and weigh up to 12kgs.

When you arrive at the airport, head to the flybe check-in desk to get your bag weighed and tagged. You can then carry your Valet bag with you until you board your flight.

Because you’ll be carrying your bag through airport security, you will need to comply with restrictions on liquids. This means any liquids in your bag must be in containers that hold no more than 100ml. They must be in a single, transparent, resealable plastic bag, which holds no more than a litre and measures approximately 20cm x 20cm. The contents must fit comfortably inside the plastic bag so it can be sealed.

Prior to boarding remove anything that you might need during the flight, such as ID, boarding passes or medication, and hand your Valet bag to our ground staff who will load your bag into the aircraft hold.

Once you’ve landed, your Valet bag will be offloaded and ready for you to collect as you disembark the aircraft, avoiding baggage reclaim and speeding up your journey through the airport.

If your Valet bag is too big or too heavy, your bag will need to travel as a regular hold bag instead. There will be no charge for this but you will need to collect your bag from baggage reclaim on arrival.

You can add a Valet bag to your booking via Manage my booking at any time up to one hour before your flight. Adding and paying for a Valet bag online is the easiest way to add more bags.

Other baggage options

If your hold baggage exceeds the weight purchased, we will apply an excess baggage charge at the airport. For example, if you purchase a 15kg bag, but it weighs 17kg when you present it at the airport, an additional charge will be applied at the rate of £10 per kg.
This applies to single bags weighing more than the amount purchased.

For each infant travelling on your booking, you can carry two pieces of equipment made up of either a pushchair, travel cot, and/or car seat free of charge. Your two items can have a combined weight of up to 23kgs.

When you arrive at the airport, please present your pushchair, travel cot and/or car seat to our friendly check-in desk staff, and they will make sure each item is correctly tagged and checked into the hold.

If you need to hang on to your pushchair or car seat until boarding, you can hand them over to the ground staff at the aircraft steps. They’ll be ready for you to collect again at the bottom of the steps as you disembark.

If no child or infant is travelling with these items, standard hold luggage charges will apply.

Check out our dedicated page for guidance on cabin baggage allowance when travelling with children.

If you’re flying with us for an important event that requires an extra special outfit, book your flight safe in the knowledge that we can welcome wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, suits and kilts onboard free of charge.

They can be carried onboard subject to size and weight. Please visit the flybe check in desk when you arrive at the airport so this can be assessed.

Alternatively, these items can be checked into the hold as part of your hold baggage allowance.

Please make sure your items are carefully packed in a garment bag to protect against any damage, and that they are covered by the appropriate travel insurance.

Kilt pins and sgian dubh, (the decorative knife which goes into the sock), must be packed into your hold luggage.

Smart bags are allowed on flybe flights provided they comply with our smart baggage policy. In line with IATA regulations, the following restrictions apply:

  • Smart bags can be carried as hold luggage only, provided the lithium ion battery has been removed and is carried in the cabin with the battery terminals protected.

  • If the smart bag exceeds flybe’s cabin baggage size or weight limitations, and the battery is not removable, then the smart bag can’t be carried on a flybe flight.

  • You will need to present your smart bag at check-in so our staff can make sure it meets the regulations and tag it with the approved baggage tag.

You can travel with the following items in addition to your existing hold luggage allowance. Each item will travel in the aircraft hold at a charge of £30 each way.

  • Golf equipment

  • Bicycles

Can I book exceptional items in advance online?

Due to the size of the hold on our aircraft, there are limits to the number of exceptional items that we can guarantee on each flight. If space is available, you can book your Golf equipment and bicycles in advance on-line.

We do not permit the carriage of firearms or other sporting weapons.

Musical instruments are normally carried in the hold. It’s the customer’s responsibility to ensure the instrument is suitably packed and covered by adequate insurance.

Cellos can be carried in the cabin of the aircraft if an additional seat is purchased and they can be secured in the seat. Please call the Customer Contact Centre to book.

Small musical instruments can be carried as cabin baggage provided they do not exceed 100cm length x 35cm width x 20cm depth. This would be classed as one item of cabin baggage. If you wish to carry more, you would need to purchase hold luggage or a Valet bag. The instrument must be covered by appropriate insurance and be carried in a case that suitably protects it in the overhead lockers and in the hold should it need to be moved due to insufficient space in the cabin.

Any other musical instruments exceeding the size 100cm x 35cm x 20cm must travel in the hold, subject to standard hold baggage charges, including excesses. These instruments must be prepared and packaged appropriately and will be carried on a standby basis.

While you’re making your initial online booking, you can select and pay for golf club carriage. These are subject to aircraft quota rules. If the quota on a flight has been reached, you won’t be able to add golf equipment to your booking.

We can accept one golf bag per passenger. Hooded golf bags can contain a maximum of:

  • One pair of golf shoes

  • 14 golf clubs

  • 12 golf balls.

If you have pre-booked your golf bag, but wish to cancel the carriage later, we are unable to offer a refund.

Due to our aircraft limitations, we can only carry up to 8 ski bags per flight, which can be purchased through manage my booking. If there's not an option through manage my booking to add ski's, these have sold out for your flight and we'll be unable to accept anymore ski's for your flight.

A ski bag can contain no more than 1 pair of skis, 1 pair of poles and 1 pair of boots. The maximum weight allowance for a ski bag will be 23kg and cannot be taller than 167cm.

flybe do not accept snowboards.

Delayed or damaged baggage

If you experience any loss, damage or delay to your baggage at the airport, please make your way directly to a flybe representative within the baggage reclaim area of Arrivals. We will do everything possible to trace your bag in the first instance. However, if your bag cannot be located within the airport, the flybe representative will start the baggage tracing process by creating a Property Irregularity Report (PIR).

Once your PIR has been created, the flybe representative will provide you with a 10-digit PIR reference number which you can use for any subsequent enquiries.

We would like to reassure you that once we’ve located your bag, we will deliver it to you wherever you’re staying or to your home address. Our appointed courier company will contact you directly to arrange the best delivery time for you.

Cabin baggage restrictions

You are not permitted to carry the following articles into security restricted areas or on board the aircraft:

Guns, firearms and other devices that discharge projectiles – devices capable, or appearing capable, of being used to cause serious injury by discharging a projectile, including:

  • Firearms of all types, such as pistols, revolvers, rifles and shotguns

  • Toy guns, replicas and imitation firearms capable of being mistaken for real weapons

  • Component parts of firearms, excluding telescopic sights

  • Compressed air and CO2 guns, such as pistols, pellet guns, rifles and ball bearing guns

  • Signal flare pistols and starter pistols

  • Bows, cross bows and arrows

  • Harpoon guns and spear guns

  • Slingshots and catapults

Stunning devices – devices designed specifically to stun or immobilise, including:

  • Devices for shocking, such as stun guns, Tasers and stun batons

  • Animal stunners and animal killers

  • Disabling and incapacitating chemicals, gases and sprays, such as mace pepper sprays, capsicum sprays, tear gas, acid sprays and animal repellent sprays

Objects with a sharp point or sharp edge – objects with a sharp point or sharp edge capable of being used to cause serious injury, including:

  • Items designed for chopping, such as axes, hatchets and cleavers

  • Ice axes and ice picks

  • Razor blades

  • Box cutters

  • Knives with blades of more than 6cm;

  • Scissors with blades of more than 6cm as measured from the fulcrum

  • Martial arts equipment with a sharp point or sharp edge

  • Swords and sabres

Workmen’s tools – tools capable of being used either to cause serious injury or to threaten the safety of aircraft, including:

  • Crowbars

  • Drills and drill bits, including cordless portable power drills

  • Tools with a blade or a shaft of more than 6cm capable of use as a weapon such as screwdrivers and chisels

  • Saws, including cordless portable power saws

  • Blowtorches

  • Bolt guns and nail guns

Blunt instruments – objects capable of being used to cause serious injury when used to hit, including:

  • Baseball and softball bats

  • Clubs and batons, such as billy clubs, blackjacks and night sticks

  • Martial arts equipment

Explosives and incendiary substances and devices – explosives and incendiary substances and devices capable, or appearing capable, of being used to cause serious injury or to pose a threat to the safety of aircraft, including:

  • Ammunition

  • Blasting caps

  • Detonators and fuses

  • Replica or imitation explosive devices

  • Mines, grenades and other explosive military stores

  • Fireworks and other pyrotechnics

  • Smoke-generating canisters and smoke-generating cartridges

  • Dynamite, gunpowder and plastic explosives

Hold baggage restrictions

You are not permitted to carry the following articles in your hold baggage:

Explosives and incendiary substances and devices – explosives and incendiary substances and devices capable of being used to cause serious injury or to pose a threat to the safety of aircraft, including:

  • Ammunition

  • Blasting caps

  • Detonators and fuses

  • Mines, grenades and other explosive military stores

  • Fireworks and other pyrotechnics

  • Smoke-generating canisters and smoke-generating cartridges

  • Dynamite, gunpowder and plastic explosives

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