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Here at flybe, we love the benefits and convenience that air travel can bring. And we are committed to making air travel a choice that is genuinely environmentally sustainable.

Our regional network means we can connect people and businesses far quicker than any other transport method. Our customers can fly from their local airport, close to home, eliminating the need to drive further to reach larger airports.

And we provide many routes where no overland alternative is available.

Most importantly, we’re doing this with aircraft that have a lower carbon footprint by design.

Our environmental impact is something we take very seriously, and the new flybe will be a responsible, community-based airline that recognises the importance of sustainability in all we do.

Here’s what we’ve undertaken so far…

In the air

Our first major step towards reducing our carbon footprint is our choice of aircraft.

We fly the Dash 8-400's built by De Havilland Aircraft in Canada-the quietest turboprop flying today, thanks to the revolutionary Noise and Vibration Suppression system.

The Dash 8-400 aircraft is powered by the most advanced turboprop engine currently in service. The 2 Pratt & Whitney PW150A engines produce nearly twice the take-off power of older turboprop engines, with significantly improved fuel-efficiency and 30% lower emissions than similar capacity jet aircraft.

Our environmental impact is something we take very seriously so we're committed to lowering the carbon footprint of our operations. Where possible, we use only one engine to taxi to and from the runway at all of our network airports. We also work closely with Air Traffic Control to fly the shortest distance possible on each flight and optimise the power settings to reduce the amount of fuel we use.

Our new Cabin Crew uniforms have been designed with sustainability in mind, too. Fifteen recycled plastic bottles are used in the material for each suit. This next generation of fabric is more durable and longer lasting, and when a suit has reached the end of its life, it gets recycled by our supplier rather than going to landfill.

Our chosen supplier, Murray Uniforms in Coventry, is local to our Birmingham base and committed to reducing their carbon footprint across all aspects of the business, from design to deliveries.

On the ground

Noise from aircraft can have a significant impact on local people living and working close to airports. flybe’s fleet of aircraft are significantly quieter on take-off and landing than jet aircraft used by other carriers. We adjust the propellor speeds to reduce the noise footprint of our operations on the communities we serve.

We also work closely with airport partners, local housing planners and air traffic controllers to make sure that those living under flightpaths do not suffer excessive disruption to their lives from flybe’s operations.

Our future plans

In the community

Our regional network means we have a responsibility to the communities we serve in terms of the economic growth we stimulate and our impact on the local environment. Our future plans include reaching out to those communities to explore how we can help them thrive economically, socially and environmentally.

With our partners

Sustainability is a core consideration in the selection of partners we work with in the future. And we’ll be exploring carbon offsetting opportunities that will further help reduce our emissions impact.

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