Green fleet

Green fleet

A multi-billion dollar investment

Flybe is proud of our multi-billion dollar investment in new aircraft in recent years that has modernised our operations and given us one of the youngest fleets in the industry.

Bombardier Q400

Flybe is among the world’s largest operator of the Q400s, which is among the most environmentally-sensitive passenger aircraft available and, offers a 30% improvement in fuel efficiency over the aircraft it replaced.

In May 2007, Flybe confirmed a $788 million deal with Bombardier Aerospace that saw the airline acquire 15
Q400-78 aircraft, with the option of a further 15.

Following previous Q400 orders by Flybe in 2003 and 2005, the deal increased Flybe’s fleet of Q400s to 45 aircraft.

Embraer 195

The 118-seat Embraer 195 is one of the newest aircraft available on the market and is designed to operate in the short-haul low cost environment.

The Embraer 195 sets new standards in operating costs, fuel efficiency, environmental performance, and in-flight cabin services.

These aircraft are deployed at our major bases in Birmingham, Southampton, Belfast, Exeter, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Embraer 175

In July 2010 Flybe announced a deal with Embraer to purchase up to 140 new e-series jets, a deal which includes 35 firm orders for Embraer 175 aircraft. The first of those aircraft was delivered in 2011 and the fleet size was 11 in December 2013.

Noise reduction

Flybe understands that noise from aircraft can a major impact on local people living and working close to airports. We are committed to doing everything we can to deal with this problem and improve the quality of life in the local communities affected by noise emissions.

Flybe’s fleet of Bombardier Q400 and Embraer 195 planes are some of the quietest aircraft on the market and have an average fleet age of 5 years.

Flybe is also working closely with airport owners, local housing planners and air traffic controllers to ensure that those living under flightpaths do not suffer excessive disruption to their lives from the take-off and landing of our aircraft.

Fuel efficiency

Flybe has invested heavily in a modern fleet of aircraft with the best fuel efficiency in the industry.

The latest aircraft flying today often match the fuel consumption of modern passenger cars and in some cases - depending on speed and distance - even of high-speed trains.