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ID requirements

Photographic identification

You must present one of the following forms of identification to board a Flybe aircraft.

International travel

All passengers on international flights must be in possession of a valid passport and, where required, a valid visa. Citizens of the European Union, European Economic Area and Switzerland may travel within Europe on presentation of their valid National Identity Card. 

Children who are not included on their parent's UK passport will require their own valid passport for travel abroad.

Republic of Ireland travel

British and Irish citizens must have a form of photographic ID which proves their nationality/citizenship for immigration purposes e.g. a valid passport or driving licence.

British and Irish citizens under the age of 16 do not need photo ID if travelling with their parent/guardian between UK & ROI. As passengers may be asked to prove that they are an Irish or UK citizen who is entitled to avail of the Common Travel Area arrangements, it would be advisable for all passengers to travel with a valid passport.

All other visitors travelling to the Republic of Ireland must have a valid passport or EEA ID card which is covered for the period of intended stay.


Domestic travel

  • A valid passport
  • An expired passport (domestic flights only up to two years after expiry)
  • Valid photographic EU or Swiss national identity card
  • Valid photographic driving licence
  • Valid armed forces identity card
  • Valid police warrant card/badge
  • Valid airport employees security identity pass
  • A child on parent’ s passport is an acceptable form of ID
  • CitizenCard
  • Valid photographic firearm certificate
  • Valid Government-issued identity card
  • SMART card
  • Electoral identity card
  • Photographic disabled badge
  • NUS card photographic (National Union of Students)
  • Photographic university/college ID card
  • Company ID card of nationally recognised company (photographic)
  • Council issued bus pass
  • Pension book (the only acceptable form of non-photographic identification)
  • Young Scot card

Children and domestic travel

Children under the age of 16 do not need to show ID on domestic routes. The adult they are travelling with can vouch for the infant's/child's identification, providing the relevant photo ID is shown (by the adult). On International routes a passport will be required.
Flybe is legally responsible for ensuring children over the age of one-year-364-days do not travel on the lap of another passenger. When travelling with an infant on a domestic route, therefore, please ensure you bring either a birth certificate or passport to prove date of birth. On International routes a passport will be required.

You can apply for a Citizen card online at

Spanish children under 18 years

Children under 18 travelling without their parents/legal guardians, and with an ID card, must have a form of written authorisation to travel from their parents.

Children must collect the form from their local police station and present it with their ID card at check-in and passport control. Children without this form will be refused travel by passport control.
Children travelling with a valid passport do not require a consent form as a passport acts as parental authority.

The form is required for both international and domestic flights.

Children travelling on Flybe international flights must have either a valid ID card or a passport along with all other necessary documents.

French Children under 18 years

French children under 18, travelling to the UK can travel with their passport or their Identity Card, no other document is required by the local authorities.

The child - whether accompanied or not - can travel abroad with:

  • •either a National Identity Card, only for E.U. countries, the Schengen Area and Switzerland
  • •either a passport
  • •either a passport bearing by a visa

Portuguese children under 18 years

Portuguese nationals and alien residents under 18 years leaving or re-entering Portugal unaccompanied by their father, mother or legal guardian need a travel authorisation. This travel authorisation must be signed by the father, mother or legal guardian; and the signature is notarised if the father, mother or legal guardian reside in Portugal; or the signature is authenticated by a Portuguese embassy or consulate in the country where the father, mother or legal guardian reside.

This travel authorisation is also required when minors that are accompanied by a person other than their father, mother or legal guardian. In such cases the travel authorisation must also clearly show the name of the accompanying person.
Foreign minors under 18 years of age and travelling alone may be refused entry if they do not have anyone in Portugal taking responsibility for their stay.