Check-in Guide

Choose your preferred option

Choose from a wide selection of check-in options to suit your preference and your travel needs!


Web check-in

Simply retrieve your booking online between 36 and 1 hour prior to departure and check-in online. More...

Self Service check-in desks

Simply arrive at the airport and use a convenient self-service kiosk to check-in and print your boarding pass. If carrying a hold bag, you can check it in at our bag drop. More...

Airport Check-in desks

If you prefer to be checked-in by a member of staff, enjoy their welcome at a check-in desk or bag drop. More...



All check-in options availability by airport

Check-in options vary by airport and route travelled; please see full list of check-in options available by airport

Check-in times

Airport check-in desk times vary by airport and route travelled; please see check in times

*Please note Flybe do not charge for airport check-in