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Zurich Holiday Guide

Known to have one of the best quality of life scores in the world, Switzerland's largest city is a must-visit location for any traveller. Holidays in Zurich conjure up connotations of lakeside views, beautiful architecture and snow-capped mountain ranges… all of which will leave you breathless upon arrival.

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Action-Packed Zurich Holidays

Surrounded by Lake Zurich and beautiful mountain ranges, this Swiss city has plenty to offer any vacationer planning a Zurich holiday. Hop on with a snow'n'rail ticket in Zurich and make your way up to the nearby Flumserberg ski resort. Have a go at the good range of beginner and expert runs on offer then retire back to your cosy lodgings in Zurich at the end of the day. If you're still feeling restless, take a hike or a train ride up the Uetliberg. Once up there enjoy the amazing views of Zurich or embark on the 8 mile planetenweg (planetary walk) along the ridge.

If you're looking to do something a little less physically taxing why not check out some of Zurich's beautiful architecture? One of the defining points of the Zurich skyline is the Fraumunster – a middle-age church erected on the remains of the abbey for aristocratic women originally built in 853. Now one of the city's three main churches, this ornately decorated place of worship is a must see landmark with its detailed stain glass windows and towering turquoise spire.

Other Attractions and Events in Zurich

For a cultural day trip make your way past the quaint squeezed in buildings of the city's streets to the Zoological Garden. There you'll find over 260 species of animals including snow leopards, otters and pandas waiting for you. The Chinese Garden offers up equally interesting delights, designed around the central theme of the Three Friends of Winter, with three plants that can survive the colder months together – pine, bamboo and plum.

During holidays in Zurich you might also want to take a deeper look into the city's history. Home to the majestically beautiful Swiss National Museum – particularly renowned for its collection of gothic and liturgical art – you can find yourself spending a whole day educating yourself in the city's many museums.

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