Cheap flights to Wales

Wales is a great destination to visit at any time of the year and offers some of the UK’s most beautiful and unspoilt countryside and natural wonders. We offer cheap flights to Wales to Cardiff, which is a great place for a city break. The rest of the country is easily accessible from this cosmopolitan capital.

You may be looking for cheap UK domestic flights or perhaps you are travelling from abroad. From wherever you are flying, we can help save you money with one of our low cost flights to Wales. If you’re hoping to take one of our domestic flights in the UK for business or pleasure, we will make sure you travel in full comfort. We may be a low cost airline but this doesn’t mean we won’t provide exceptional customer service when you travel with us. We also provide a generous baggage allowance and the opportunity to book your seat prior to travel.

Get prices for our cheap flights to Wales and you could find yourself exploring the various towns and cities, strolling through luscious countryside or meeting up with family or friends in no time!

Our flights to Wales

Cheap flights to Wales with plenty to see and do

Our low cost flights to Wales will take you to Cardiff and the rest of the country can easily be reached from here. If you’re seeking an activity packed break in the countryside, Wales has plenty to offer and there are a number of attractions for you to consider.

Cheap flights to Wales for a break in the countryside

Wales offers some fantastic natural wonders and has three national parks for visitors to explore. The Brecon Beacons are located in mid-Wales. This area is a glorious stretch of unspoilt land, with valleys and luscious green fields making it perfect for a walking trip. In the north, many choose to visit Snowdonia, with its impressive mountain range. For energetic and adventurous travellers, Snowdon is the largest mountain in Wales and worth the climb for the views and scenery you will encounter along the way. The Pembrokeshire Coast is located in the west of Wales and offers stunning views of the sea and some great rugged terrain.

Cheap flights to Wales for events and more

There are a number of events and attractions in Wales and whenever you decide to visit, you’re sure to find something unique. Many major sporting events take place in Wales and you may be planning to take one of our cheap flights to Wales to watch some rugby, cricket or football. These sports are held at impressive venues across the country.