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Cheap flights to Switzerland full of sights and attractions

Switzerland has an excellent rail network throughout the country and good links to the rest of Europe. If you take one of our flights to either Geneva or Berne, you will have no problem exploring further afield, but there are plenty of reasons to enjoy city breaks in both.

Cheap flights to Switzerland for a city break

Geneva is a popular destination with people looking for a city break in Switzerland as there is so much to see in this picturesque and historic place. The white-tipped peak of the world famous Mont Blanc is just visible from Geneva, which is surrounded by mountains. With one of our cheap flights to Switzerland, you could be taking in sights such as the Palace of Nations, the home of the UN, and the Cathedral St-Pierre.

Berne, Switzerland’s capital city, is smaller than Geneva but has its own unique charms and is a great tourist destination in its own right. The River Aar flows around the Old Town and adds to the beauty of Berne. Meanwhile, the Kunstmuseum (Museum of Fine Arts) is a great place for a day out and there are a number of places to eat, drink and take in the sights of this ancient city.

Cheap flights to Switzerland for the intrepid explorer

If you are travelling to Switzerland to explore the country, both Berne and Geneva have excellent transport links. It is easy to travel around Switzerland as Basel, Lausanne, Lucerne and Zurich are all accessible from Berne and Geneva. Many choose to visit Switzerland in the winter months for a ski break. Both cities have nearby resorts and there are plenty of options if you’re looking for a ski holiday in Switzerland.