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Cheap flights near Split

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If you're looking for cheap flights near Split, Flybe offers flights to Dubrovnik. Split is a beautiful and ancient city, dating back to the times of Ancient Greece, so there are a number of sights to see and attractions for tourists to enjoy.

Our low cost flights near Split are ideal if you are planning to visit this Croatian city. Split's main attractions include the Republic Square, the statue of Bishop Gregory of Nin and the Cathedral of St. Duje. There are also plenty of galleries and museums to enjoy, including an archaeological museum where you can learn about the city's links with the Ancient Greek empire. Split is a great location for a summer break on the Adriatic coast too, with a warm Mediterranean climate and plenty of great beaches.

Cheap flights near Split and how to get there

There are some great bars and clubs in this buzzing Croatian city and if you're looking for a wild night out, you're sure to find plenty of places to enjoy. Split also boasts some fantastic restaurants including some which serve fresh seafood caught from the city's harbour. You will find plenty to do in Split and the city is a fantastic destination for a break at any time of the year, although cheap flights near Split are more popular in the summer months.

Island hopping from Dubrovnik to Split

There are a number of islands off the Croatian coast and in the summer months there are regular ferry services between some of the larger ones. One of the best ways to explore on your journey between Dubrovnik and Split is to take these ferries between the islands. You may even wish to stick around on some of the larger ones and soak up the atmosphere as well as the stunning scenery. One of the most popular islands is Korcula. You can catch a ferry straight to the island from Dubrovnik and from here you can travel directly to Split. Other islands you may wish to explore include Brac and Vis.

Dubrovnik to Split by car

There are a number of car hire companies at Dubrovnik Airport and there is no need to make arrangements in advance, although if you do, you could get a better deal. The journey is fairly long and will take between four and a half and five and a half hours depending on your chosen route as there are a few different ways to reach Split from Dubrovnik. The quickest way to reach Split after leaving Dubrovnik Airport is to travel south along the E65 and follow the signs for the 414. This will then merge with the 415. Follow the signs for the Trpanj - Ploce ferry as you will have to take a boat to reach Split. After leaving the ferry, take the 6216 and follow the signs for the 513/E65, then join the 6208 and follow signs for the E65. From here, both Split and Zagreb will be signposted. It is a long drive, although the ferry ride will break up your journey and you will get the chance to explore the Croatian coastline and possibly stop off in some of the small towns en route.

Dubrovnik to Split by taxi

We would not recommend taking a taxi from Dubrovnik to Split as it will be extremely expensive. Due to the length of the drive, many taxi drivers in Dubrovnik will not accept a fare to Split and if you are planning to use a private hire vehicle, you will almost certainly have to make arrangements in advance of travel.

Dubrovnik to Split by public transport

There are plenty of bus services that travel between Dubrovnik and Split on a regular basis and this is the cheapest way to reach the city after taking one of our cheap flights near Split. Buses run from Dubrovnik Airport to Dubrovnik's central bus station and from here you will be able to catch a bus to Split. The journey should take around five hours and you will need to keep your passport handy as the journey could take you through the neighbouring country of Bosnia.

Our flights near Split

Book one of our cheap flights near Split and enjoy low cost travel with comfort and service from Flybe.

Dubrovnik ' roughly 250km from Split, it will take around four and a half hours to reach Split from Dubrovnik by car, or slightly longer by bus.

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