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Limoges is a haven for walkers and cyclists looking for a base to explore the countryside but there is much more to discover when you take one of our flights to Limoges.

Limoges is renowned for its fine porcelain and art lovers will adore this picturesque French city. You may wish to visit the National Museum of Porcelain or take a tour around one of the local factories during your stay.

Get prices for our cheap flights to Limoges and you will find plenty to do in this delightful French city. You could be walking through the countryside, experiencing some fine dining in one of France's gastronomic hubs or taking in a bit of culture in no time!

Cheap flights to Limoges

Limoges in the heart of France

We may be a low cost airline but this doesn't mean you won't receive fantastic customer service when you take one of our budget flights to Limoges. We also provide a generous baggage allowance and the opportunity to book your seat prior to travel to ensure you are totally comfortable during your journey.

Limoges, a food lover's paradise

Limoges is set in the middle of the French countryside and the city is great for food lovers. The pastures that surround the city are luscious and green, making them great for walkers. They are also ideal for fattening up cattle and Limoges is world renowned for its various steak restaurants, which serve fine meat from locally bred cows. There are also plenty of bars and night spots to enjoy, providing you can get yourself out of your seat after tucking into one of the famous steaks on offer!

Limoges for culture

Limoges offers many museums and galleries for visitors to explore and if you take one of our cheap flights to Limoges you will find plenty of places to visit. The most notable museum is the Mus'e National de la Porcelaine Adrien Dubouch' (National Museum of Porcelain), which dates back to the middle of the 19th century and houses a huge collection. For a more novel experience, you may wish to visit Bernardaud, an international store which sells today's porcelain and also houses a small museum dedicated to the company's past.

If porcelain isn't for you, fear not, as there are plenty of other attractions in and around Limoges. The city is famous for its oak barrels, which are used for storing fine cognac. For a truly unique experience, take a trip to the Mus'e des Distilleries Limougeaudes, an 18th century distillery which still produces this famously French tipple.

To the south of Limoges is France's national stud farm and horse racing enthusiasts may wish to take one of our budget flights to Limoges to catch a race, while there are also show jumping and carriage driving exhibitions to enjoy.

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