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If you're looking for cheap flights near Lagos, Flybe offers flights to Faro, which is the nearest airport to this tourist town.

Lagos is a hugely popular destination on the Algarve and our low cost flights near Lagos will help save you money, without compromising on customer service. The town boasts a number of beaches and an attractive coastline, as well as some great restaurants, lively bars and much more.

Cheap flights near Lagos and how to get there

Our cheap flights near Lagos will take you to Faro and there are a number of options for your onward journey once you arrive at the airport.

Faro to Lagos by car

If you are taking one of our cheap flights near Lagos and are planning to make your own way there, there are a number of car hire companies at Faro Airport. It is not necessary, but you may wish to make arrangements in advance in order to secure the best deal. The journey itself is relatively easy and should take around an hour. After leaving the airport, take the IC4, which will then merge with the A22. This road will take you all the way to Lagos.

Faro to Lagos by taxi

There are always plenty of taxis available at Faro Airport and it is possible to take one directly to Lagos. The journey will cost between 70 and 100 euros depending on time of travel (the price is at a premium during evenings and weekends). However, if you make arrangements in advance, you will make significant savings and if you shop around, you could pay as little as 40 euros. There are a number of private hire companies operating in the region and there are some excellent deals to be had, particularly early or late in the holiday season.

Faro to Lagos by public transport

If you are taking one of our low cost flights near Lagos it is possible to reach the town by public transport from Faro. This is the cheapest way to reach Lagos but it will be time consuming. The best way to reach Lagos by public transport is to get a bus or taxi into Faro city centre. From here, you will be able to catch a bus or train to Lagos.

Our flights near Lagos

Book one of our cheap flights near Lagos and enjoy low cost travel with comfort and service from Flybe.

Please note not all flights are direct. Please see our timetable for further details.

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