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If you're looking for cheap flights near Javea, Flybe offers flights to Alicante. The popular market town of Javea is just a short distance from here.

Javea is a great location if you're looking for a quieter break on the Costa Blanca, rather than the busier resorts of Alicante and Benidorm. Our low cost flights near Javea will take you to Alicante and from here Javea is easily accessible.

Cheap flights near Javea and how to get there

There are a number of options for your journey from Alicante to Javea. The town does not have its own airport but is well served by the local transport links and with our cheap flights near Javea it won't take long to reach your destination.

Alicante to Javea by car

A number of car hire companies have offices at Alicante Airport. For the best deal, you should make arrangements prior to travel but it is not necessary to do so. The journey to Javea will take around an hour and a half at most. The drive is fairly straightforward, just follow the AP-7 towards Benidorm and then continue onwards to Javea. There will be signposts for Javea but be aware that the spelling Xabia could be used. Some of the roads are also toll roads so make sure you have a few euros spare before setting off.

Alicante to Javea by taxi

There are always plenty of taxis available at Alicante Airport and this is the quickest way to reach your destination with our cheap flights near Javea. However, this will also be the most expensive option and if you are planning to make the journey by taxi, it may be best to make arrangements in advance so you know exactly what you will have to pay.

Alicante to Javea by public transport

The cheapest way to reach the resort with our cheap flights near Javea is by using the regular and direct coach service that travels from Alicante. There are also local bus services between Alicante and Javea, and the Alicante to Valencia bus also stops in the town. The journey can take up to two hours but it will cost significantly less than hiring a car or taking a taxi.

Our flights near Javea

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