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Cheap flights to Groningen

Want to explore the vitality and vibrancy of the Netherlands in a new and exciting format? Then look no further than the youthful city of Groningen. As a university city, Groningen claims to have the youngest average population in all of the Netherlands and that means an exciting holiday of fun and adventure awaits you here.

You can book your cheap flights to Groningen with Flybe today using the handy 'Book Now' located on this page. But first, let’s take a closer look at just what makes this city of youth and vitality so popular.

Unbeatable contentment

The residents of Groningen are said to be some of the most content in Europe – so it’s hardly surprising that tourists flock here to discover the secret to their happy lives. Alongside the impressive natural surroundings, stunning architecture and vivid culture, Groningen also has a lively entertainment scene and plenty of active hobbies for you to enjoy and perhaps this is the secret to its unbeatable sense of contentment. For those who are interested in dancing the night away, Groningen’s many bars and clubs often have no fixed closing times which means you have more opportunity to do this here than anywhere else. Live musical performances are plentiful and cover a vast range of genres, so there’s sure to be something suitable for all tastes too.

The city is also home to casinos and theatres so there are plenty of entertainment options for you to sample if music isn’t quite your cup of tea.

Art and Heritage to Explore

More than just a place for the young (or indeed just the young at heart), Groningen is also known for its impressive art and heritage which spills out of the galleries and exhibition halls and right into the streets. There are more than 400 sculptures and artworks found on the streets and notable examples worth visiting include the 1959 created Peerd van Ome Loeks (Uncle Loeks’ Horse) which is claimed to be the best known statue in the city.

In terms of monuments and historical buildings, Groningen is once again overflowing with options. Martini Tower is considered the most important monument of the whole city as it is here where you have been able to catch a glimpse of the whole city for more than 500 years. Its impressive vantage point allows it to scoop the accolade of the fourth highest tower in the Netherlands and it is also connected to the city’s oldest church – Martin's Church.

Visitors to Groningen can also get a realistic look into 18th century life thanks to the fortified preservations of buildings in the Bourtange bulwark. This was completed in 1742, with the old houses of the stunning village now sensational museums for all to enjoy. Elsewhere in the city you’ll find yet more impressive architectural displays. Der Aa Church is a particularly popular example found in one of the busiest locations of the entire city. Its history suggests that it was originally a wooden church located in an inland harbour but today it is an impressive building with plenty to offer visitors from far and wide.

If you’re looking to enjoy the thrill of never-ending nightlife with plenty of cultural intrigue on your next holiday, then Groningen has to be one of the best choices you can make.

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