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Granada Holiday Guide

Located in Andalusia, Granada is a great destination for a city break at any time of the year. There are a number of historic buildings, museums and galleries to explore when you travel to Granada.

Granada holidays for cultural delights

One of the most striking aspects of the city is the Alhambra, a Moorish 14th century palace and fortress, which is a huge draw for the many tourists who visit Granada each year. It is located at the top of the hill of the Assabica on the south eastern border of the city. The Alhambra is an absolute must-see during your stay in Granada and is considered by many to be the pinnacle of Islamic imperial architecture. The city's Moorish past is a draw for many who wish to view grandiose architecture but Granada has a modern multicultural feel as well. A growing North African population has filled the Albayz'n district of the city with various eateries, tea shops and even a relatively new mosque. If you're seeking a an enriching cultural experience a Granada city break could be ideal.

Granada holidays in the countryside

The countryside surrounding the city is truly unique and many choose to travel to Granada in order to explore the nearby Sierra Nevada mountains. There are plenty of walking trails through the foothills and even further up if you have the energy and desire to continue exploring. The stunning scenery makes the effort worthwhile!

Sights to see and things to do when you travel to Granada

The Alhambra may be the showpiece attraction for the many tourists who choose to holiday in Granada each year but there is so much more to explore in this fascinating city.

Granada's cathedral is a stunning example of 16th century Gothic and Renaissance architecture while La Charterhouse is a resplendent piece of Spanish Baroque design. There are also a number of public parks and gardens in this stunning Spanish city and Granada City breaks offer a number of sight-seeing opportunities.

Fun and food on Granada holidays

Granada is known in Spain for its prestigious university and like many cities with a big student population, Granada has plenty of places to enjoy a night out.

There are a number of trendy bars, nightclubs and cafes for visitors to enjoy so you will not be short of options if you're looking for a care-free fun-packed evening. The city is also famed for its fine tapas restaurants so you will be able to get a real taste of authentic, rustic and unique Spanish cuisine when you travel to Granada.