Cheap flights from Corsica to Southampton

Southampton is located in the county of Hampshire in the south east of the UK. It’s the largest city in the south east with a population of approximately 250,000. Southampton is famous for being the departure point of the doomed ship Titanic in 1912, and of course, this is where you can join a ferry to reach the Isle of Wight.

Bastia Facilities

Bastia Airport has just one small terminal, but that terminal is busy year-round, particularly during the summer months when more of the seasonal routes are operating. When the tourist season slows down, there are fewer flights available, but the airport will still be open no matter when you choose to fly from it.

Within the terminal itself you will find a restaurant and bar and a small number of shops. The airport offers free WIFI to travellers.

Flight Time from Bastia to Southampton

Flights from Bastia – Corsica to Southampton take approximately two hours and 55 minutes.

Getting to Bastia

Getting to Bastia Airport is fairly simple during the busier times of the year as there is plenty of public transportation available. There is, for example, a Navette (a shuttle bus) that runs hourly from the Bastia train station (Gare de Bastia) to the airport itself. During the summer, this shuttle may run more frequently, depending on need. The travel time for this trip is 35 minutes.

You can also take a train to Bastia Airport, although trains do not run directly from the Gare de Bastia, and instead you should travel from Lucciana (three kilometres from Bastia) or Casamozza (6 kilometres from Bastia).

Driving to Bastia Airport is also simple. It should take around 30 minutes from Bastia itself, and the journey is 21 kilometres.

Travelling to and from Southampton Airport

The wonderful thing about Southampton Airport is that it is located just four miles from the city centre, making travelling to and from it an easy task, even for a first time visitor. There are plenty of different transport options available too.

Using the A335, driving is a quick option. You can hire a car at the airport and reach your destination with no fuss. If you don’t like the idea of driving, or don’t need a car for the rest of your break, you can save money and effort by using a taxi, or perhaps a bus.

Buses run frequently from the airport, taking travellers to the local university, the city centre, and the Eastern Docks. During the week there will be a bus every seven to eight minutes, and at the weekend you don’t have to wait much longer; buses are every 10 to 15 minutes. Even if you land in the evening, you still won’t have to wait more than 20 minutes at the bus stop, and for much later arrivals, there is a night bus every hour (this only runs on Fridays and Saturdays, however).

Taking the train is another great idea. Less than a minute away from the airport terminal is Southampton Airport Parkway station, and there is a train into the city centre every 10 minutes. There are also frequent trains to other parts of the UK.

Things to See & Do in Southampton

Below are some of the best things to see and do during a visit to Southampton.

SeaCity Museum

Southampton is a fun place to visit. The SeaCity Museum is perhaps its number one attraction, and amongst its fascinating exhibits it has an interactive model of the Titanic to explore. Other attractions in Southampton include the Solent Sky Museum (along with its Spitfire and other vintage planes) for true travel enthusiasts.

Tudor House and Garden

If history is something you are interested in, the Tudor House and Garden is a must see. This Grade I listed property is a historical site and museum – it was established as such in 1912, making it Southampton’s first museum too.

Westquay Shopping Centre

Westquay is an 800,000 square foot shopping centre in Southampton. There are 130 retail spaces within the centre, and some of the main shops to be found there include John Lewis, Apple, and Waterstone’s.

The Common

For those who love the outdoors, there are many lovely park spaces. The Common is a beautiful outside space located to the north of the city. Whether you want to go for a walk, to spot wildlife, or to sit in peace and quiet, you can do so here.

Best time of year to visit Southampton

As with much of the UK the weather in Southampton can be difficult to predict, although the summer months (June to August or September) tend to be the driest and warmest. Temperatures at this time of year average about 20oC.

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