Cheap flights from Bergerac to Southampton

Bergerac Airport is just a 10-minute drive from the centre of Bergerac. The airport is small serving flights within France and to and from European destinations. There is a regular flight from Bergerac to Southampton. Bergerac is an attractive market town in the south of France. It lies on the banks of the Dordogne river. In the old town you can wander around the many medieval streets with narrow lanes and timber framed houses.

Bergerac Airport Facilities

Don’t expect to spend your time at Bergerac airport browsing the retail establishments, it’s too small for that. Once you are in the departure lounge there are some drinks and snack machines and a seating area. If you have arrived by car and need parking, Bergerac airport has a long stay car park and short stay parking. 

On arrival once you are landside you can pick up your pre-ordered car hire from one of the car hire companies working out of the airport. Or you can make your choice and hire a car after you land.

You’ll also find a handy cash machine if you need money and a small restaurant which serves snacks, drinks and meals, including a menu of the day. If you want to buy local produce there is also a small shop.

Flight time from Bergerac to Southampton

The flight time from Bergerac to Southampton takes around  1 hour and 40 minutes.

Getting to Bergerac Airport

It’s only a few minutes to Bergerac airport from the town centre. The airport is on your left hand side just off the N21. If you plan to travel by taxi there are a number of licensed taxi companies in Bergerac.

It’s not possible to travel to and from the airport by coach, bus or train as there are no airport connections for these services.

Travelling to and from Southampton Airport

To get to Southampton City centre take the A335 road and follow the signs to the city centre. The journey should only take a few minutes as Southampton airport is only 4 miles from the city centre. The airport can be accessed from the M27 and M3.

On your way out of Southampton follow the signs to the airport on the A335 road.

There are regular buses which will take you from the airport into the centre of Southampton including a night bus on Friday and Saturday. National Express also run coaches from UK destinations into Southampton coach station. Megabus has a service into the airport. On the return journey catch the bus from Southampton’s coach station in Harbour Place.

Southampton airport also has a train connection. They run from Southampton Airport Parkway into Southampton Central Station in Blechynden Terrace.

If you prefer to travel by taxi you can pick up a licensed cab outside Southampton airport terminal and once you’re in Southampton you can phone or pop into the offices of one of the many taxi companies in the city.

Things to See and Do in Southampton

Town Walls

The town walls in Southampton are some of the most complete medieval town walls in the UK. Begin your walk at Bargate. There are 6 gates and 13 towers still standing along the one and a quarter mile walk around the city centre.

Southampton City Art Gallery

The Southampton Art Gallery was opened in 1939 as a result of two bequests from Southampton residents, Robert Chipperfield and Frederick William Smith. It is well-known for its art collection and local historic artefacts.

Mayflower Theatre

The Mayflower Theatre is in the centre of Southampton housed in a Grade II listed building. It is the largest theatre in the south of England with a seating capacity of 2,300. It is a fine example of 1920s architecture.

SS Shieldhall

SS Shieldhall is a steam ship which offers trips and excursions along the Solent. During her working life she was a sludge boat in Glasgow. The steamer sails from Southampton with various themed excursions throughout the summer months.

Medieval Merchants House

This house s thought to have been built around 1290. You can visit the house which features decorations and furnishing from the middle-ages.

Southampton Common

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Southampton city centre pay a visit to Southampton Common. It is a large open space which features a model yachting lake, a paddling pool and a children’s play area. You can also visit the Hawthorns Urban Wildlife Centre which is located at the southern end of the common.

Best Time to Visit Southampton

The best time to visit Southampton is from June to August when the weather is warm. In March, April and May there are less tourists, but more chance of rain.

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