Cheap flights from Belfast to Doncaster Sheffield

Doncaster is famous for a good number of things including being the birthplace of Thomas Crapper (who invented the flushing toilet) and where butterscotch was first made. So of course, it is a place where visitors want to go. It’s also a hive of industry, so business trips are a frequent occurrence. No matter what your reason for going to Doncaster, you’re sure to enjoy it.

Belfast City Facilities

Getting to Doncaster from Belfast City Airport is a simple process, particularly as Belfast City Airport has such great facilities. From the Costa and Starbucks coffee shops to begin with, setting you up for the for day ahead, to the light bites and cocktails available at The Artisan, and on to the larger meals (including pizzas made in a real pizza oven) at St George’s Restaurant and Deli, you can find sustenance at any time of the day to match whatever time you might be flying.

Of course, food might not be your priority, and bargains could be what you are thinking about. There is a World Duty Free store at Belfast City Airport for you to browse, as well as WH Smith, House of Ireland, Waterstone’s, and more.

Flight time from Belfast City to Doncaster Sheffield

Flights from Belfast City to Doncaster Sheffield take approximately 55 minutes.

Getting to Belfast City Airport

Just five minutes away from Belfast city centre is Belfast City Airport, making it an ideal destination or departure point for wherever you need to go to or come from. Getting to the airport is easy, especially if you use a satnav and input postcode BT3 9JH – it’s just along the A2. A taxi will happily take you there as well if you don’t want to drive, and pre-booking one is the most sensible option to ensure you don’t miss your flight.

The train is another good option. Arrive at either Belfast Central or Great Victoria Street on one of the regular peak time trains. For off peak information, check online for times. If you go to Sydenham station you will be a little further from the airport, but there is a free shuttle bus that runs between the station and Belfast City Airport, so it is an easy option to choose. Remember to pre-boo the shuttle; it costs nothing but it will only collect people who have booked in advance as it gets busy.

A bus will also take you directly to the airport; take the Express 600 Service and you’ll be there in just 10 minutes.

Travelling to and from Doncaster Sheffield Airport

Doncaster Sheffield Airport (formerly Doncaster Robin Hood) is well signposted no matter which direction you are travelling from, and is easy to reach thanks to the excellent network of roads around it. You can take the A1(M) and the M18 from the north, for example, or the A1(M) and the A614 from the south. From the east you’ll need the M62 and M18 or the M180.

You don’t have to drive, of course. There are plenty of public transport options too. You can arrive by train, for example, and there are regular services connecting many of the main towns in the north to Doncaster Sheffield Airport via Doncaster station. Even London (Kings Cross) is only one hour and 35 minutes away. Once you arrive at Doncaster train station you can take the bus (57a or 57c) which will take you straight to the airport.

As mentioned above the 57a and 57c are excellent services, operating seven days a week from 5am until midnight. It can take as little as 18 minutes or as much as 48 minutes to arrive at the airport using this service depending on the traffic and time of day. You can also take the X6 from Sheffield. This runs from 4.30am Monday to Friday and from 6.52am at the weekends.

Things to See & Do in Doncaster

What is it about Doncaster that makes it such an interesting place to visit?

Conisbrough Castle

Conisbrough Castle is one attraction that pulls in the crowds. There are guided tours around this impressive site which as well worth trying as you’ll learn all about the centuries of history that the castle has been through.

Doncaster Museum

Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery is another wonderful place to visit. Learn about the town itself and how it has grown into what it is today – there are many artefacts to see that link to the town’s history.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Yorkshire Wildlife Park is a great day out for the whole family. Just four miles outside of Doncaster this park occupies 70 acres and is dedicated to preserving animals and helping them thrive. Enjoy the walkthrough lemur area and spot the two endangered black rhinos.

Best Time of Year to Visit Doncaster

Doncaster welcomes visitors at all times of the year, but for the best weather you should visit between June and September.