Cheap flights from Aberdeen to Southampton

An historic port town that also has a played a big part in aviation development, Southampton is famous is a great place to visit if you have a keen interest in history and want to explore its beautiful surroundings. Flights from Aberdeen to Southampton run regularly year-round.

Aberdeen Airport Facilities

Aberdeen Airport has a range of services and facilities and is well equipped for all types of travellers, including families and business passengers. In addition to information points scattered throughout the building, there are also cash machines, smoking areas and lost luggage.

It has one terminal for passengers and the departure lounge has plenty of space to relax while you wait for your flight. If you want to upgrade, then there are also business lounges available where you can enjoy free snacks and drinks.

Flight Time from Aberdeen to Southampton Airport

A direct flight from Aberdeen to Southampton takes approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Getting to Aberdeen Airport

If you’re travelling by car then you can get to the airport via the A96. If you want to get a bus, then you can get one directly to the airport from Guild Street station in the centre of Aberdeen. Coaches also go to Guild Street station, which is where you’ll want to go if you’re travelling from outside the city centre.

The nearest train station to Aberdeen Airport is Dyce, located roughly 2 miles away.

If you want to go by train then you’ll need to get off at Dyce station, which is roughly 2 miles from Aberdeen Airport.

Transport Options from Southampton Airport

If you want to get to Southampton city centre or anywhere else in the city then you’ll have several options. There are plenty of car rental companies based at the airport so renting a vehicle won’t be an issue.

If you want to get a taxi, then you can either book in advance, pay at the desk or simply jump straight in and pay at the end of your journey. The good thing about taxis at Southampton Airport is you’re told in advance what the journey will cost.

There is also a regular bus service that runs from the airport and cover destination including the city centre and Southampton University. Buses arrive approximately every 8 minutes on weekdays, 10-15 minutes on public holidays and weekends and every 20 minutes in the evening.

Getting a train from the airport is very simple, with Southampton Airport Parkway station just a short walk from the main terminal building. Trains going to the city centre arrive every 10 minutes. It’s worth knowing that if you book online in advance, you can save a good amount of money going by train.

Things to See & Do in Southampton

Below are some of the best things to see and do when visiting Southampton.

SeaCity Museum

The SeaCity Museum is a great place to learn about Southampton’s connection to the sea. As you might expect, there’s an entire section of the museum that’s dedicated to the Titanic and its tragic story.

Tudor House and Garden

As the most important historic building in Southampton, if you have any interest in the city’s history then it’s a must-visit. The building itself is incredible and inside you can learn all about its former residents as well as the history of Southampton in general.

St Mary’s Stadium

Home to Southampton Football Club – St Mary’s is certainly worth a visit while you’re in the city. A St Mary’s Stadium tour will give you access to first team changing room, players’ tunnel, press conference room and of course the pitch itself. You will also be able to learn about the club’s rich history.

Solent Sky

Southampton has historically been an incredibly important city for the development of aviation and Solent Sky Museum is an excellent place to learn all about this. There’s plenty of complete airframes to explore so it’s a great place to visit if you have kids.

Best time of the year to visit Southampton

If you want to experience the warmest weather when visiting Southampton then the best months would be July, August and September.

After September the temperate drops quite drastically but you can get some bargains in autumn and winter so if you don’t mind the cold then it can still be a great time to visit.

Early spring can also be a good time to visit Southampton, since you still get decent weather but without having to pay peak prices for accommodation and travel.

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