Cheap flights from Aberdeen to Durham Tees Valley

County Durham is in northeast England and is home to some incredible sites, including Barnard Castle and the North Pennines. If you’re planning a trip to Country Durham, then you’ll want to arrive at Durham Tees Valley Airport. Flights from Aberdeen to Durham Tees Valley aren’t as common as some other flights but you should be able to find one, especially during the busier summer months.

Aberdeen Airport Facilities

Aberdeen Airport has plenty of services and facilities that cater to solo travellers and families alike. There are a range of recognisable shops and cafes as well as restaurants. You’ll also find cash machines, lost property, medical help, family facilities, information points and smoking areas.

There are also business lounges where you can enjoy some great views of the runway and complimentary snacks and drinks.

Flight Time from Aberdeen to Durham Tees Valley

The flight time from Aberdeen to Durham Tees Valley on a direct flight takes approximately 1 hour.

Getting to Aberdeen Airport

There are several ways you can get to Aberdeen Airport, whether you’re travelling from inside the city or from further afield.

You can get to the airport by car via the A96.

If you want to get a coach from another city in the UK, then there are regular coach services that go to the Guild Street bus station in Aberdeen centre. There are also bus services that go from Aberdeen centre to the airport, running regularly throughout the day.

You can get to the airport by train too – the closes station being Dyce, which is around two miles away.

Getting to and from Durham Tees Valley Airport  

There are several options you have as far as transport goes when you land at Durham Tees Valley Airport.

There are a range of car rental operators close to the arrivals area so if you prefer to drive yourself then this is easy to arrange.

If you want to get a taxi, there’s a booking desk inside the main building and a pick-up point close to the arrivals lounge. Look out for 1AB Taxis. They’re the official partner of Durham Tees Valley Airport.

There are also regular bus services that run from the airport to local towns and villages throughout the county. If you want to go to Darlington, then you’ll need to get the number 12 bus.

Things to See & Do in County Durham

There are some great things to see and do in County Durham. Below are some of the major highlights.

Barnard Castle

If Barnard Castle is one of the major highlights of County Durham. Barnard Castle is actually the name of a town, named after the castle that was built there. You can still see the remains of the castle there today and there are some other great things to do in Barnard Castle, such as visiting the Bowes Museum that has the best collection of fine art in North England.

North Pennines

The Pennines are renowned for their beauty, with people from across the UK travelling to them every year. If you’re visiting County Durham, then a trip to the North Pennines is a must. There are countless great walking routes that allow you to relax and unwind in the beautiful surroundings.

Bishop Auckland

Located roughly 12 miles northwest of Darlington, Bishop Auckland is a town that has plenty to offer visitors, including Binchester Roman Fort, the Locomotion railway museum and Auckland Castle Deer House.

Durham Castle

Durham Castle is another must-see location when visiting County Durham. Interestingly, the castle is the home of University College, Durham. This being the case you might assume that it’s closed to the general public, but this is not the case. You can still visit the castle via a guided tour and it’s certainly worth doing this is you want to learn about its fascinating history. 

Best time of the year to visit County Durham

Because so many of the great things to see and do in County Durham are reliant on good weather, it’d be advisable to visit when you’re more likely to avoid the rain. Being in the UK, there’s no guarantee of good weather of course but generally the spring and summer would your best chance to experience it.

If you don’t mind putting up with cooler weather, then autumn can also be a great time to visit County Durham. Some of the views you can get are particularly impressive during this time, as the leaves are falling.