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Cheap flights to Florence


Renowned for its gorgeous architecture and rich cultural history, this idyllic Italian paradise is regularly ranked as one of the most beautiful cities in the world – and not without good reason. Situated at the heart of picturesque Tuscany, this holiday hotspot is considered one of the country's cultural hubs – particularly for fashion - and makes for a fantastic jumping off point to explore the rest of Italy.

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Florence Cathedral

The Birthplace of the Renaissance

This city has been a bustling hive of activity since the 14th century, when it became one of Europe's cultural hubs as it fanned the embers of the Italian Renaissance. The city's flourishing Renaissance art scene continues to bear its mark today thanks to the endless intricately designed facades and numerous cultural attractions. In particular, the city boasts of a whole host of Europe's finest art galleries including the Uffizi, which currently plays host to the world famous painting, Botticelli's 'The Birth of Venus'. Meanwhile, the Bargello is a prison turned art gallery contains some of Europe's most revered sculptures, including Michelangelo's 'Bacchus', Donatello's 'David' and Giambologna's 'Mercury'.

You don't have to be in an art gallery to see stunning art in Florence either. The city's cathedral (Il Duomo di Firenze) took nearly 150 years to build, finally reaching completion in 1436. By far the most prominent landmark in the cityscape, this beautiful testament to man-made engineering is covered in elaborate Gothic-style architecture and includes the Piazza del Duomo, the Baptistery and Giotto's Campanile. The façade is particularly breathtaking, dominating the whole complex with its brilliant design. The visual feast carries on inside where you can stare in awe at the wonderfully complex painting of 'The Last Judgement' or take in the beautiful detail of Vasari's fresco. Why not book cheap flights to Florence today and see these magnificent cultural wonders for yourself?

Indulge in a Feast of Culinary Perfection

Tuscany is one of the world's most famous wine-making regions – but there's much more to see and do then simply sampling the local plonk in a local bar. To the south of Florence you can find the home of Chianti wine, where the rolling hills are filled with miles of vineyards painted in green, purple and yellow. As you would expect the area is home to a number of wineries, whose doors are open and ready to welcome tourists. In particular there are a number of vineyards surrounding impressive castles including the Castello di Verrazzano and Castello di Vicchiomaggio.

Florence also boasts of an impressively diverse dining scene, offering anything from fast food to quaint family-run establishments. If you're attracted to the latter check out Trattoria Mario - the restaurant has been in the family since 1953 and is a bustling hive of good conversation and great food. For something with a little more grandeur try Il Teatro del Sale. Set up inside an old theatre, hungry travellers can enjoy local chef Fabio Picchi's incredible dishes within the surreal surroundings of the theatre. You can start planning your relaxing getaway to this magical city now by checking out Flybe's flights from Birmingham to Florence using the 'Book Now' tool located on this page.