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Cheap flights to Enontekio

Arctic Adventure Awaits in Enontekio

Are you looking for untouched nature and wilderness experiences? In Enontekiö region you can go hiking or skiing in Finland's highest mountains, or just enjoy the peace and silence of vast wilderness areas. Enontekiö is located in the western part of Lapland, in the "arm" of Finland. It is a municipality of great wilderness areas, reindeers and Saami culture.

Cheap flights to Enontekio
Photo courtesy of Tapio Huttunen

Enontekiö is located in the far northwest of Finnish Lapland. The region mainly consists of a national park and other vast wilderness areas. Enontekiö is also one of the home areas of the Sámi people.

Paradise for Nature Lovers

More than 75 % of the region consists of protected nature preserve, a national park and other vast wilderness areas. Our region is blessed with arctic flat-top mountains and large wilderness areas.  The endless expanses of wilderness encompass the visitor with peace and silence.  Here you will find freely flowing rivers, crystal-clear lakes, vast forests, and animals and plants in their natural habitat in nearly untouched nature.

Whether you enjoy summer activities like white water kayaking, fishing, hiking or trekking, Enontekiö offers you a great variety of alternatives. You can start a kayaking trip from the Kilpisjärvi and start paddling the very challenging Könkämäeno which turns into river Muoniojoki in Karesuvanto.  Or do you fancy fishing in the wilderness lakes some arctic char? Take a helicopter or aircraft flight from Kilpisjärvi to the remote fell lakes, or try your luck in many of the rivers.

Winter offers an equally wide choice: reindeer and husky safaris, cross-country and downhill skiing, snowshoeing, snow mobile and kick sledding. Enontekiö’s great fell and wilderness areas are best wandered with the assistance of local professional wilderness guides. 

Authentic Culture

In Enontekiö, you can discover the authentic Lappish culture. Reindeer herding is practiced all over the municipality and you will most probably see some reindeers during your stay in Enontekiö.

People living in Enontekiö are generous and they welcome you warmly. In March there is a Saami cultural weekend, St Mary´s Day, organized in Hetta, during which there is traditional joik singing performances, movies, concerts, and reindeer racing and of course partying!


Located on the shores of Lake Ounasjärvi and home to some 800 residents, the authentic and vibrant village of Hetta is, perhaps with good reason, considered one of Finland’s most beautiful parish villages.  South of Hetta lies the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park.  Hetta is an outstanding base camp for day trips into Pallas-Yllästunturi and Northern Norway. Local guides are at hand to ensure everything goes smoothly. Hetta Ski Resort is a great additional service to the variety of freetime services in Hetta area. 


The village of Kilpisjärvi is located close to the border with Sweden and Norway, in the breathtaking landscape where fells rise more than 1000 metres, highest in Finland.  Located just 40 km away, the surging Arctic Ocean with its magnificient fjords exerts its powerful maritime influence on the climate of Kilpisjärvi. 

The surrounding vast wilderness area with its great fells is an outstanding setting for treks into nature.  Kilpisjärvi also offers guided tours to Northern Norway’s beautiful fjord lands and picturesque villages on the Arctic Ocean.


St. Mary´s Day in Hetta 15.-17.3.
St. Mary´s Day is a three-day, annually held, traditional saami cultural event in Hetta. Reindeer race and lassoing competitions, Saami music and cultural performances. Traditional Saami handicrafts and other local products for sale.

44th Hetta Classical Music Festival 24.3.-1.4.
Hetta Music Event is a high level classical and church music festival in the middle of the snow-covered fells in Enontekiö. Concerts are mainly held in the beautiful church of Enontekiö.

Saami Snowboard Race in March-April
A competition of the best snowboarding tricks, jumps and good vibes.

Saami Ski Race – World´s northernmost marathon ski race 7.4.
The ski track follows an old mail delivery path from the village of Hetta, Enontekiö to Kautokeino, Norway.

Enontekiö Ice Fishing Week 25.4.-3.5.
While the rest of Europe prepares for the summer, in Enontekiö you can make up the best ice fishing stories and compete in a series of competitions around the region. 



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