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If you're looking for cheap flights near Cannes, Flybe offers flights to Nice, which is just a short journey by road or public transport from this glamorous city.

Famous for its annual film festival, designer shopping and luxurious beaches, Cannes is a great destination for a break at any time of the year thanks to its Mediterranean climate. Our low cost flights near Cannes will save you money, which will come as a massive bonus if you intend to hit the shops or splash out on a meal in a top restaurant.

Our cheap flights near Cannes are also popular with business travellers and whatever your reasons for travelling to Cannes, we will ensure all your needs are met. We provide a generous baggage allowance and the opportunity to book your seat prior to travel so you can choose where you sit and who you sit with.

Cheap flights near Cannes and how to get there

Cannes does not have its own airport. The nearest airport is Nice and there are a number of options for your onward journey.

Nice to Cannes by car

There are a number of car hire companies at Nice Airport and there is no need to make arrangements before you travel, although you may wish to book in advance to secure the best possible deal. The journey from the airport to Cannes is fairly straightforward and should take around 30 minutes, depending on traffic. Simply follow the A8 southwards from Nice to Cannes. The city is well signposted from Nice.

Nice to Cannes by taxi

There are always plenty of taxis at Nice Airport but it will be expensive to travel to Cannes using one. It is possible to arrange a private hire vehicle in advance and we would recommend doing this as it will be much cheaper. Alternatively, you can hire a power boat or helicopter to take you to Cannes if you make arrangements prior to travel. Both are cheaper than you may expect and for roughly the same price as a taxi, you will arrive in Cannes in true movie star fashion!

Nice to Cannes by public transport

There is a railway station which serves Nice Airport, Nice St Augustin. However, the station is a 15 minute walk from the airport so if you are planning to travel by public transport, we would recommend that you take either a bus or taxi into Nice itself. From here, there are regular trains and buses to Cannes. There are also bus services from Nice Airport directly to Cannes. The cheapest is the TAM 200 which costs less than two euros. However, it does take around two hours to reach Cannes. There is also an express bus service from the airport to Cannes which leaves every 45 minutes, but this is more expensive at 20 euros.

Our flights near Cannes

Book one of our cheap flights near Cannes and enjoy low cost travel with comfort and service from Flybe.

Nice ' just under 30km from Cannes. This is a 30 minute journey by car or taxi, or around an hour and a half by public transport.

Please note not all flights are direct. Please see our timetable for further details.

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