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Thanks to its close proximity to the UK and long history of culture, history and fine cuisine, France has been a holiday hotspot for numerous years. The conveniently located Caen, which is found only a few kilometres from the English Channel and less than 2 hours from Paris, is the ideal spot for a holiday and one which promises more that its fair share of attractions.

You can book your cheap flights to Caen with Flybe today using the handy 'Book Now' tool located on this page. Here’s a closer look at the relaxed city to whet your appetite for your trip.


Historical origins

Although today it is known for its relaxing atmosphere and easygoing way of life, Caen has its rooted set firmly in the history books. It was founded by William the Conqueror back in the 11th Century and retains much of this history through its magnificent Memorial Museum and enthralling Romanesque abbeys. Although some of its buildings were lost during WW2 bombings in 1944, the city took an active interest in preserving what was left – these are the impressive structures which you can still visit today.

In many ways, Caen is like the mythical phoenix which rose from the ashes to be reincarnated – which makes it hardly surprising that this is the symbol the city’s university has adopted as their emblem. Places of particular interest for history buffs include Caen Castle, one of the largest medieval fortresses in Western Europe, the Musée de Normandie and Caen Memorial Museum. The Abbaye-aux-Hommes and Abbaye-aux-Dames which were built by William the Conqueror to atone for his sinful marriage to Mathilde (a distant cousin) are also worth checking out. The Normandy Beaches are also only a short distance away and the perfect choice for an exciting day trip. In fact, a visit to this historic landscape is considered a must-do for every holidaymaker in the area and it is often considered one of the most important European sites for those interested in modern history. As the site of the D-Day landings, the beaches are an area which is known throughout the world and this makes them the perfect spot to brush up on your history.

Relaxed markets

More than just a history lovers’ paradise, Caen has also won worldwide recognition for its relaxing atmosphere and laidback lifestyle. Wherever you go in the city you’ll receive a warm and friendly reception from the locals who make the city the popular hotspot it is. To make the most of this unique atmosphere, head down the weekly market held every Friday on the Fossées Saint Julien or to Place Courtonne for the weekly Sunday market. Not only will this expose you to the impressive local familiarity and relaxation which exists in the city but it’ll also allow you to stock up on all the tempting culinary treats which France is known for. Local cheeses and specialities such as Calvados will all be available alongside other handmade goods and local produce so it’s a great place to sample an authentic French way of life.

For those seeking the perfect relaxing holiday in a destination packed to the brim with beauty, look no further than Caen. Book your flights from London Southend to Caen with Flybe today and find out for yourself how it’s earned a reputation for relaxation.

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