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Cheap flights near Brescia

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If you're looking for cheap flights near Brescia, Flybe offers flights to Milan. From here, the historic Lombardy settlement of Brescia is easily accessible.

Brescia boasts a number of impressive sights and monuments, and you will be able to immerse yourself in Italian history and culture when you take one of our low cost flights near Brescia. The 11th century Old Cathedral is an impressive sight in its own right but many visit this landmark for the fabulous works of art which are housed inside. The grandiose New Cathedral took over 200 years to complete and is a hugely impressive Palladian structure, while the Venetian influenced Piazza della Loggia is a fantastic example of Italian Renaissance architecture. There are many other notable buildings and sights in Brescia, as well as galleries, great restaurants and friendly cafes and bars, so you will find plenty to do when you visit this northern Italian city.

Cheap flights near Brescia and how to get there

There are a number of options for your onward journey when you take one of our cheap flights near Brescia.

Milan to Brescia by car

If you are planning to travel to Brescia by car and would like the chance to explore the north of Italy in total freedom, there are a number of car hire companies at Milan Malpensa Airport. The drive to Brescia will take around an hour and a half, depending on traffic, and is relatively straightforward. Upon leaving the airport, take the A8/E62 towards Milan, then join the A4/E64 towards Bergamo. Finally, follow the E64, which will take you to Brescia.

Milan to Brescia by taxi

It is possible to take a taxi directly from Milan Malpensa Airport to Brescia but this is certainly the most expensive option. If you are planning to take a taxi or private hire vehicle to Brescia from Milan, we strongly recommend you make arrangements prior to travel.

Milan to Brescia by public transport

The best way to reach Brescia from Milan when you take one of our cheap flights near Brescia is by public transport. There are shuttle buses which run between Milan Malpensa Airport and Brescia. The journey will cost around 30 euros per person one way. Instead, you may wish to travel into central Milan and catch a direct train to Brescia from the city's main railway station.

There is so much to do in Brescia and you will find a number of stunning attractions when you take one of our budget flights near Brescia. The castle is well worth visiting during your stay. There are also a few museums and the nearby mountains make for great walking country. Brescia also boasts a number of decent bars and a few nightclubs, thanks to the city's large university population. You will also be able to enjoy fine rustic Italian cuisine in one of the many restaurants Brescia has to offer.

Our flights near Brescia

Book one of our cheap flights near Brescia and enjoy low cost travel with comfort and service from Flybe.

Milan ' roughly 140km from Brescia. This is an hour and a half journey by car or taxi, or slightly longer by public transport.

Please note not all flights are direct. Please see our timetable for further details.

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