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  • Cheap flights to	Aberdeen


    Flights to Aberdeen

    If you fancy a classic break in Britain, why not experience the delights on offer in Scotland's third largest city? Situated on the North East Coast at the mouth of the River Dee, this lively locale boasts something for everyone, whether you’re interested in historical innovation or indulging in first class cuisine. Soak up the ambience of the bustling harbour and absorb opulent buildings as you wander along Union Street. Grab a one of our cheap flights to Aberdeen and experience everything this thriving Scottish city has to offer for yourself.

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  • Flights to	Alicante


    Flights to Alicante

    The sun-soaked Spanish port city of Alicante is situated on the Costa Blanca, a magnificent stretch of coastline beloved by sun seeking travellers the world over. For holidaymakers in search of bustling beaches and dynamite nightlife, this Valencian hotspot will tick all the boxes. Relaxing in the rays all day and partying through the night is standard practise in Alicante, and the spirited city is only enhanced by the wealth of history and culture on offer. The port, which has played an important role in Mediterranean history, along with its ancient castle and old quarter, will surprise and delight refined tourist tastes. To experience a truly diverse getaway, book your cheap flights to Alicante with Flybe today.

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  • Cheap flights to Amsterdam


    Flights to Amsterdam

    The intriguing capital of the Netherlands is an eternally popular destination for a city break, attracting millions of eager tourists year after year. Known affectionately as the Venice of the North, Amsterdam is a distinctly old fashioned city that blends curious European café culture with stunning gardens, interlocking canals and exciting nightlife. The city is easy to explore and the medieval canals that run through its centre provide a fitting backdrop to the beautiful buildings and various sights. Book your cheap flights to Amsterdam with Flybe today and soak up the distinctive Dutch ambience.

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  • Flights to	Avignon


    Flights to Avignon

    Encircled by stone ramparts that date back to over 800 years, Avignon possesses a magical quality that makes it appear more fantasy world than French city. Once inside the city walls you’ll find the effect doesn’t wear off, with cobbled streets, bustling squares and leafy boulevards casting a fantastic glow over your holiday. Its charm really does transcend the seasons, so whether you favour a balmy break come summer, or a romantic getaway during winter you’ll find what you’re looking for.

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  • Cheap flights to	Bergerac City


    Flights to Bergerac

    One of France's best kept secrets, Bergerac is one of the country's most beautiful holiday hotspots, boasting of historical sites, idyllic chateaux and breath-taking scenery. Part of the Dordogne region in Aquitaine, the area is thriving with Bastide towns and plenty of scenic views of the protected countryside. With so much to do and a thriving gastronomy scene that is envied across all of France, Bergerac is fast becoming a popular tourist destination.

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  • Flights to Biarritz


    Flights to Biarritz

    Just as its name suggests, Biarritz is a ritzy coastal town located in the south west of France on the border of Spain. Popular with holidaymakers after a laid back beachside destination with stunning architecture to boot - this is a great choice for a sun-seekers, water sports enthusiasts and golfers who want to enjoy themselves against a backdrop of blue skies and balmy weather. If that sounds like your cup of tea then make sure you grab one of our cheap flights to Biarritz today.

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  • Cheap flights to	Birmingham


    Flights to Birmingham

    A lively city famed for being the self-styled 'curry capital of Britain', Birmingham is home to great shopping, buzzing bars and plenty of things to do. This West Midlands hub is the most populous conurbation in England after the capital, and its diverse inhabitants – affectionately known as 'Brummies' – have ensured that it's awash with a fabulous variety of art, music, food, literature and theatre. Take one of Flybe's cheap flights to Birmingham and discover the many layers of this powerhouse city for yourself.

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  • Cheap flights to Cork


    Flights to Cork

    Located on the banks of the River Lee in Southern Ireland, Cork is the republic's second largest city and home to a diverse range inhabitants, thanks in part to its university population and international appeal. Whether you're after a city break with a difference or fancy getting out and exploring the surrounding countryside, look no further than this Irish gem. Discover its charms for yourself and book your cheap flights to Cork with Flybe today.

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  • Flights to	Cardiff


    Flights to Cardiff

    Over the past few decades Cardiff has been transformed from a somewhat grey industrial area into a lively, vibrant city – where stunning ancient architecture sits harmoniously alongside contemporary developments. Unlike many capital cities, Cardiff boasts a friendly small town feel, and a serious pas-sion for their sporting teams which creates an atmosphere like nowhere else on match days. Discover the city for yourself with sport, shopping, culture and history to uncover in the Welsh capital .

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  • Flights to	Dublin


    Flights to Dublin

    One of the most vibrant and historically interesting cities in the world, Ireland's characterful capital has long been a magnet for culture vultures from the UK and beyond. The gorgeous Georgian architecture, hearty pub culture and witty, sociable residents are just a few of the magnetisms that draw millions of tourists year after year. Book your cheap flights to Dublin and experience this intriguing Irish city for yourself?

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  • Cheap flights to Edinburgh


    Flights to Edinburgh

    Scotland's historic capital is a city of endless possibilities for culture-hungry travellers, offering a phenomenal variety of things to do and see. Having recently been dubbed the first UNESCO City of Literature, it's one of the most diverse destinations in the world, offering artistic inspiration and sensational shopping opportunities for every kind of wanderer - a bucket-list travel destination.

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  • Flights to	East Midlands

    East Midlands

    Flights to The East Midlands

    Boasting an endless array of fascinating sights and a stunning landscape, the East Midlands is surely one of the most diverse destinations in the UK. The perfect location for a getaway, a short break to the region offers the chance to explore some of Britain’s most exciting counties including Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Rutland. While they each retain their own flavour, Derby, Nottingham and Leicester are the three of the main places of interest and all are easily within reach of East Midlands Airport.

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  • Flights to	Exeter


    Flights to Exeter

    Exeter is a sensational South West city that is becoming increasingly popular with those looking for a culture rich city break. Often rated as one of the best places to live in the whole of Britain, this charming metropolis has a beautifully diverse landscape and richly ingrained culture for all to enjoy. Offering the perfect blend of old-world ambience and new necessities, this deeply historical city lies in the heart of delightful Devon on the side of the shimmering River Exe.

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  • Cheap flights to	Faro


    Flights to Faro

    The capital of the Algarve region is the southernmost city in Portugal and celebrated for its lively nightlife, clear blue waters and miles of golden sand. Enjoyed by travellers of all ages, from those who want to dance the night away in the region's famous nightspots to tourists looking for something more tranquil and relaxed, Faro is an excellent choice for a holiday. The Algarve’s Mediterranean climate is comfortable year-round, so why not start planning your next trip and book cheap flights to Faro with Flybe today.

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  • Flights to Guernsey


    Flights to Guernsey

    The fairytale island of Guernsey is an ideal retreat for families, couples and adventure seekers alike. Whether you fancy taking relaxing strolls among the lush greenery and beautiful blooms or go yacht-spotting at the harbour. Visit in spring or summer and the island will be alive with colour; take a winter trip and you’ll enjoy bracing hikes and the chance to warm up with hearty traditional cuisine. To sample breathtaking island beauty for yourself, book your cheap flights to Guernsey with Flybe today.

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  • Flights to Glasgow Intl.

    Glasgow Intl.

    Flights to Glasgow

    As Scotland’s largest city, Glasgow is a non-stop hive of entertainment and historical intrigue. Known for being a fascinating destination that retains its own unique character, the city is peppered with familiar landmarks and famous live music hot spots. If you’re hungry for culture, why not soak up art and artefacts galore at one of the many internationally-acclaimed galleries or museums around the city centre? Great for sightseeing opportunities as there are some fantastic structures dotted around the city. The Clyde Auditorium is an awe-inspiring modern structure, while older buildings such as St Andrew's Cathedral and Trades Hall are equally as impressive.

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  • Flights to	Inverness


    Flights to Inverness

    Regarded as the capital of the Highlands, the picturesque city of Inverness is rich with heritage. Whether you fancy losing yourself in the historic centre or exploring some of the wildlife along the River Ness, this Scottish gem has all you need for a great break. Discover the city for yourself and book your cheap flights to Inverness with Flybe today.

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  • Cheap flights to Isle of Man

    Isle of Man

    Flights to the Isle of Man

    If you’re after a destination the lies firmly off the tourist trail, then look no further than the Isle of Man – an idyllic bolthole that eschews commercialism, tirelessly preserves the past and yet still manages to feel contemporary. Located in the Irish Sea between England and Ireland, it benefits from a beautiful, rugged and exposed coastline that has long attracted walkers, photographers and those with a love of the great outdoors. If you’re looking for a getaway with a difference, why not grab cheap flights to the Isle of Man with Flybe and enjoy a holiday that’s sure to leave you feeling, refreshed, relaxed and totally captivated.

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  • Flights to Jersey


    Flights to Jersey

    The picturesque island of Jersey, off the coast of Normandy, offers holiday-makers a sublime mix of cosmopolitan activity and laid-back beach-side life. Its mild winters and comfortably warm summers make Jersey an ideal vacation destination at any time of the year. There's a little bit of everything on this ancient island, from awe-inspiring historic sites to stunning coastal scenery. If you’re looking for a rugged beach paradise not too far from home, the Jersey is for you.

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  • Flights to	Leeds Bradford

    Leeds Bradford

    Flights to Leeds Bradford

    These two Northern cities are so close that they've practically merged together, but Leeds and Bradford are still very much distinct entities with different atmospheres and attractions. With Leeds one of the fastest-growing and most up-and-coming cities in the UK, and Bradford undergoing a drastic regeneration, the area is guaranteed to give you a taste of the North at its best.

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  • Cheap flights to	London City


    Flights to London

    English author Samuel Johnson once famously said: “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.” A vision of instantly recognisable landmarks and a hub of cosmopolitan culture, the capital offers endless inspiration for travellers of all persuasions. Boasting centuries of well-preserved history, the city balances proud antiquity with world-leading fashion, arts and food scenes. You can’t visit the Big Smoke without making memories to last a lifetime.

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  • Flights to Madrid


    Flights to Madrid

    As the capital of Spain, Madrid embodies a thoroughly national spirit and identity, displayed through its architecture, art, traditions and its proud Madrileños (local residents). Business, study and pleasure mingle together, resulting in a cosmopolitan city that has something for everyone. Perfect for both short breaks and longer holidays, Madrid offers up a phenomenal amount of cultural delights, from world-class museums to tasty tapas and all-night parties. Book your cheap flights to Madrid with Flybe to plan your next trip to the Spanish capital.

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  • Flights to Malaga


    Flights to Malaga

    An intoxicating fusion of balmy Mediterranean climate, picture-perfect beaches and diverse architecture, Malaga is a perennially popular choice for travellers in search of the holiday destination that has it all. Experience all the colourful city has to offer for yourself and book your cheap flights to Malaga with Flybe today.

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  • Flights to	Manchester


    Flights to Manchester

    A haven of history, culture and cuisine, the vibrant city of Manchester has a whole lot to offer the discerning traveller. Famous for music and football, this North West wonder has left its 'Madchester' days behind and now stands proud as one of the most diverse destinations in Europe. Discover the city for yourself and book your cheap flights to Manchester today.

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  • Cheap flights to	Milan Malpensa

    Milan Malpensa

    Flights to Milan

    A city famed for the three Fs; fashion, football and food, Milan has a unique draw in that it appeals to pretty much everyone. The pulsating metropolis is home to some of the world’s most famed historical pieces of art, sculpture and architecture punctuated with a decidedly modern gastronomic and retail scene. Whether you decide to visit in the balmy summer months for al fresco dining and outdoor strolling, or wintertime for Christmas markets and mesmerising window displays, you’ll undoubtedly come away having fallen hook, line and sinker for the Italian city’s charms. Book one of our cheap flights to Milan today and discover the city for yourself.

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  • Flights to	Munich


    Flights to Munich

    Despite being Germany's third largest city, this Bavarian destination maintains its quaint scenery and old-worldly atmosphere. With reams of stunning architecture and surrounding snow-topped mountains, holidays in Munich are the perfect choice for vacationers looking to get away from it all for a short break or a summer holiday. Discover the city for yourself and book cheap flights to Munich on Flybe today

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  • Flights to	Nice


    Flights to Nice

    Nice's universal appeal undoubtedly lies in its ability to please everyone from budget travellers to romance-seeking couples, families to pensioners and everyone in between. Few can fail to be captivated by the balmy Mediterranean climate, thriving arts scene, proximity to the coast and that ‘je ne sais quoi’ ambience that truly has to be experienced. So whether you want a summery break focused on beaching and al fresco dining or a wintery getaway for great wine and romantic strolls, make sure you check out our cheap flights to Nice.

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  • Flights to	Newcastle


    Flights to Newcastle

    A true regional capital in every sense, this vibrant North Eastern location is one of the most popular city break destinations in the UK. Positioned on the north bank of the shimmering River Tyne, lively Newcastle boasts an array of attractions including dynamic nightlife, sensational shopping opportunities and endless cultural lures. Travellers from all walks of life will fall in love with this terrific Tyneside city and receive a warm Geordie welcome.

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  • Flights to	Newquay


    Flights to Newquay

    With a climate to rival some of the continent's sunniest hotspots, this breath-taking seaside location often polls as one of the UK's top tourist destinations. With miles of golden sandy beaches to explore and a myriad of landmarks to absorb, this picturesque place is an eternally popular destination for families, friends and couples alike. Newquay is often referred to as the 'Jewel in Cornwall's Crown', boasting infinite opportunity for active pursuits, fascinating heritage and fantastic food.

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  • Flights to	Norwich


    Flights to Norwich

    Finding a city that blends the warmth and character of a small village with the excitement of a big city isn’t easy, but Norfolk’s capital city Norwich does just that. With a thriving arts scene, more pubs than you can shake a stick at and plenty of gourmet eateries, you can rest assured that you won’t regret booking a city break to Norwich.

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  • Cheap flights to	Paris


    Flights to Paris

    Few cities in the world can claim to have the far reaching appeal of Paris – a capital famed for its food, monuments, art scene and unparalleled romance factor. Whether you’re a first time visitor to the City of Lights or have repeatedly fallen for its continental charm, you can rest assured there’s always something new to discover. Go discover France's enchanting capital for yourself.

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  • Flights to	Southampton


    Flights to Southampton

    The major historic port city of Southampton is known as the cruise capital of the UK - but it’s worth sticking around and exploring as a destination on its own merits too. More than four million people flock to the South Coast each year to sample this maritime metropolis with its rich culture, award-winning parks and fantastic shopping.

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