When things go wrong

Our Commitment to you

Flybe are committed to giving you a safe, efficient and friendly service and you have the right to expect:

  • A safe, reliable and punctual journey
  • Polite, professional and considerate staff who are readily available to provide help if you need it
  • The service standards promised in our advertising and promotional material

The best place to find out current arrival and departure information for Flybe flights is online via www.flybe.com/flight-info. Should your Flybe flight be cancelled, diverted, or delayed for over five hours, the following options are available to you:

  • If you wish to continue with your travel, we will get you to your destination on your original booking at the earliest opportunity in the same class of travel; this is called re-routing. We will do our best to re-route you on a flight operated by Flybe, but it could be a flight with another carrier or alternative travel means.
  • If you no longer wish to travel, we will offer you a full refund of your ticket within 7 days. If you opt for a refund, please be aware that Flybe no longer has a duty to provide you with food, drink or accommodation, and you won’t be able to claim back the difference if you book a more expensive ticket home. In such cases we would suggest that you contact your personal travel insurance provider. For more information please visit flybe.com/flight-disruption
  • If you are a diverted customer, or if you are travelling on a through ticket and part way through your journey, and you do not wish to continue to your final destination, Flybe will ensure that you are returned to your original departure airport at the earliest opportunity.  
  • If you are asked by our representatives at the airport to book alternative flights or accommodation yourself, please keep all of your receipts as you might be able to claim a refund of reasonable expenses or make a claim through your travel insurance. If the airport is near your home and you are not able to get a flight today, we suggest you return home if possible and come back to the airport in time for your rearranged flight.

If you are asked by our representatives at the airport to book alternative flights or accommodation yourself, please keep all of your receipts as you might be able to claim a refund of reasonable expenses or make a claim through your travel insurance.  If the airport is near your home and you are not able to get a flight today, we suggest you return home, if possible, and come back to the airport in time for your rearranged flight.

Helping us to help you

Letting Flybe arrange your new flight is usually the fastest way to get you on your way. Whilst we work with all of our customers, you may have to be patient whilst new bookings and travel arrangements are made. 

Alternatively, you could organise an alternative Flybe flight yourself by rebooking or you can choose the option of a refund by using a Flybe kiosk at the airport or online via flybe.com/rebook-refund

If you decide to rearrange an alternative flight with a different airline yourself, please make every effort to speak to us before rearranging, as this is usually the fastest way to get moving. We are unlikely to refund the cost of an alternative flight if it arrives at a similar time to the new flight offered by Flybe. If you rebook with a different airline please keep all invoices.

Package holidays
If your flight is part of a package holiday, your tour operator must rearrange your flight. If your holiday cannot be rearranged or is significantly changed, you can cancel and get a refund instead. If you cancel a flight that is part of a package holiday please speak with your travel agent regarding the remainder of your holiday booking.

Looking after you
If you have been delayed, depending on the distance of your flight* and the expected length of delay, we will offer you:

  • Meals and refreshments in a reasonable relation to the waiting time, often provided as vouchers.
  • A means for you to communicate - please contact our Airport representatives if you need assistance with this.
  • Accommodation, if delayed overnight, usually in a nearby hotel.  If the airport is near your home, family or friends we will provide transport to/from that accommodation or to your home if you can return there, depending on costs.

The above arrangements may not be provided if by making those arrangements this would cause the flight to be further delayed.
*The distance of your flight determines when we will start to look after you:

  • Short-haul flights under 1,500km. You are entitled to assistance if the delay is over two hours.
  • Medium-haul flights of 1,500 - 3,500km, and flights of longer than 1,500 km within the EU. You are entitled to assistance if the delay is over three hours.
  • Long-haul flights over 3,500km. You are entitled to assistance if the delay is over four hours.

Generally Flybe flights are less than 1,500km.

Vulnerable customers
When providing help and assistance, we will prioritise helping customers with a disability, as well as those accompanying them, and unaccompanied children.

Denied boarding
If you have been denied boarding or kindly volunteered to give up your seat when asked, we will offer you an alternative flight as soon as possible, or at a later date that suits you.
If you want to fly as soon as possible, we will look after you while you wait. If you don’t want a new flight, you are entitled to a refund of all parts of the ticket you haven’t used.  You are entitled to compensation, as long as you checked in on time and Flybe do not have another legitimate reason to not allow you on the flight, as per our terms and conditions.  We will ask you to complete the necessary paperwork at the airport.

Things to remember:
Be patient as staff may be very busy, and please give us a fair chance before making alternative arrangements.

Keep full receipts for everything.

Keep costs down as much as possible when buying food and drink, accommodation, or alternative transport.

We will not pay for high cost hotels, expensive meals, or any alcohol.

It will be easier for us to handle your claim if you allow us to make your arrangements for you and you follow the guidance in this leaflet.

If you have any further questions please refer to: https://flybe.custhelp.com/

Claiming compensation

You may be entitled to a fixed sum in compensation for cancellations or long delays. This depends on how long you were delayed and what caused the delay or cancellation. Please contact us via our website flybe.com or write to us at the address below.
If for any reason you are unhappy with our response to your complaint, you can refer your complaint to AviationADR via

Website: aviationadr.org.uk
Telephone: 020 3540 8063
Email: [email protected]

Delayed, Lost, or Damaged Baggage

Should you discover that your hold baggage has been delayed, lost, or damaged, please make your way directly to a Flybe representative at the airport upon your arrival. They will assist you in completing the required forms and provide you details of the relevant baggage claims team, along with further instruction. Please visit our web pages for further information via www.flybe.com/baggage/delayed-baggage/ or www.flybe.com/damaged-baggage/

Claiming your expenses

To submit your claim please visit www.flybe.com/expenses/
Or write to us at:-

Flybe Customer Relations
PO Box 795