Providing information

We agree to give our passengers the following information which is relevant to their journey:

a) At the time of booking we will give you, if it is available:

  • the planned scheduled time of departure and arrival
  • the airport and terminal you will depart from and arrive at
  • the number of stops, changes of aircraft, terminal or airport
  • any conditions which apply to the fare you are paying
  • the flight number

b) If you ask and if time allows, we will send you an e-mail confirmation of the flight times, any baggage allowance and the cabin baggage allowance. In the unlikely event that we have to change the scheduled departure time of your flight, we will try to contact you to advise you of the new times.

c) We also offer the following information if you ask:

  • the type of service we normally offer on our services
  • the services available if you have special needs or your party require additional assistance
  • the charges we make for baggage, exceptional items, and any baggage in excess of allowance
  • our conditions of carriage
  • details on the airline operating your flight, this may include either our codeshare or franchise partners
  • our frequent flyer programme
  • the procedures for lost, damaged or delayed baggage

d) Booking online. You can book our scheduled services online or by visiting