At the airport

Photographic ID

You need acceptable photographic identification at our Bag Drop for all destinations. PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING ARE FOR ID PURPOSES ONLY. FURTHER DOCUMENTATION MAY BE REQUIRED FOR INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS.

Acceptable forms of photographic ID are:

  • NUS cards (photographic)
  • Photographic university/college ID card
  • Photographic ID of nationally recognised companies
  • Council issued bus pass (Senior Citizens)
  • A valid passport - an expired passport can be used up to a maximum of two years after expiry for domestic flights
  • Valid photographic EU or Swiss national identity card
  • Valid photographic driving licence
  • Valid armed forces identity card
  • Valid police warrant card/badge
  • Valid airport employees security identity pass
  • A child on parents passport is an acceptable form of ID
  • Citizen Card
  • Valid photographic firearm certificate
  • Valid government-issued identity card
  • SMART card
  • Electoral identity card
  • A council issued blue badge card (disability badge)

We recommend that passengers travelling to the Republic of Ireland take their passport as local authority procedures require passengers to provide documentation confirming their nationality. British nationals may travel with a valid UK photographic driving license although it is the passengers responsibility to ensure that the correct documentation is carried.


We know that many people are concerned about the length of time spent in the Bag Drop queue so we aim to have our passengers served as quickly as possible.

Baggage weight

So that we can meet health and safety requirements, we will not accept any single piece of baggage weighing more than 30kg.

Bag Drop

Desks opens at least two hours before the scheduled time of departure. For international flights the check-in closes one hour before the scheduled time of departure. For All In passengers, check-in closes 45 minutes before departure. For domestic flights, including flights to the Channel Islands and the Republic of Ireland, check-in closes 30 minutes prior to departure for passengers with checked baggage, or 20 minutes before departure for passengers with hand baggage only. If you miss these deadlines, you will not be allowed to travel and you will not be entitled to a refund.


If you have require additional assistance, or if travelling with children, we will offer to board you separately from other passengers. We will pre-assign seats at check-in.

Long delays on the aircraft

If an aircraft is on the ground for a long period of time without you having access to the terminal, we will make every reasonable effort to provide adequate facilities and access to medical treatment as long as this does not jeopardise the safety and security of passengers and employees. We will always make every reasonable effort to avoid keeping you on board if there is a long delay.

On the aircraft

Once boarded, the Captain will give you information about the expected departure time, arrival time, weather and flight conditions. During the flight they will update this information.


We aim for you to be able to collect your baggage no more than 25 minutes after the actual arrival time of the aircraft.