When I finished my GCSEs, I was encouraged to go on to university. While I really enjoyed school learning, friends of mine far brighter than me pursued that path and ended up at jobs only remotely related to their topic of study because this path lacked one thing: experience. While I originally considered the armed forces, a training programme at Flybe was an opportunity I couldn’t afford to ignore. I had no engineering experience but did have a strong interest in sciences and mathematics. a logical mind and a willingness to learn.


Building my practical skills started from day-one; from learning the basics of shaping materials such as steel, aluminium, and composite materials; to learning how to dismantle a landing gear leg-assembly. I started off inferior to my peers, who could get the jobs done faster, and to a better quality; but with good teachers I proved that with the right attitude, approach and focus, I was just as capable as them. I finished my training with the skills to complete the practical tasks at a level adequate of an aircraft engineer.


My practical experience in the hangar has been a real pleasure and I’ve met lots of people who I truly marvel at: from the managers who so quickly learn to best deploy their team; to the veteran mechanics who know the trick to every problem. Besides the people, the work itself is a sincere joy.


Being able to understand the issues and strengths to each system within an aircraft is no small task and you’ll never see the day where you stop learning.


I now work as an avionics fitter for Flybe and I’ve already learned so much over the last few months while fitting into my new role, and the fact that there are so many areas to expand into only makes the future more exciting.