Flybe recruitment

Frequently asked questions

The frequently asked questions are split into the following sections:


Before you attend an assessment day

Assessment Day

Training Courses


The frequently asked questions are split into the following sections:


Before you attend an assessment day

Assessment Day

Training Courses


How do I apply?

Please visit the Apply today page and then follow the link, which tells you ‘Apply Now’, at the bottom of that page to complete an online application form. This is the only type of application we accept.

Can I send my CV to you?

We do not accept any other form of application other than our own online application form. Please apply online, as above.

What are our Cabin Crew criteria?

Please read our Cabin Crew Entry Requirements. You must meet our minimum requirements before applying for a position.  Unfortunately, you will not be able to continue with your application if you do not meet all of these requirements.

Have you received my application form?

When you submit an application form to us, you will receive an automated email telling you we have successfully received it. Please check your emails and ensure you update your contact details regularly.

Can I get an update on how my application is progressing?

Unfortunately it is difficult to give an answer due to the large volume of applications that we receive. We will do all of our communications through e-mail, so please monitor your Inbox on a regular basis and please do not forget to check your Junk Mail box, just in case the level of security on your computer is such that any communication from Flybe does not go directly to your Inbox. Please also see the next answer.

How long do I have to wait until I hear if I have been selected to attend an assessment day?

It very much depends on which base you are applying for, and whether we are currently recruiting at that base. It can be very difficult to give a set timescale as it does depend on a number of factors.  However, as long as you have received the automatic acknowledgement that your application has been submitted successfully, you can be assured that your application is still in progress and can be kept on the system for at least 6 months. You will be contacted by e-mail if we do wish to pursue your application further, or to be advised by e-mail that unfortunately you are unsuccessful at this time.

Can I apply for more than one base at a time?

No, you are not able to apply for more than one base within the application system.

Can I change my base choice?

You may email Cabin Crew Recruitment [email protected] if you wish to change your base choice at any time. One of our requirements is that you do need to apply for a base that is within 60 minutes travel of your home. However, if you are wishing to apply for a base that is not in your home area at present, it is advisable to explain within the application form the reasons for applying for a base that is outside your home area to assist the Recruitment Team when they assess your details.

Where and when will we be recruiting for a base?

Please monitor the website regularly, as this will always have the latest information to advise you of our current vacancies. Due to the reactionary nature of our business we will not know if/when we will be recruiting in the future, so unfortunately it is a case of wait and see and regularly reviewing the vacancies section of the website.

Am I too old to apply for Cabin Crew?

In Flybe the age criteria is to accept applicants who are 18 or over – we do not have an upper age limit.  So if you meet our minimum requirements, and you have all the qualities we are looking for, your application will be considered for an available position with us.

I applied XXX months/ weeks ago and still haven't heard anything?

Your application will stay in our system indefinitely. If you don’t hear from us, it may be because we don’t have any assessment days planned for your chosen base.

I have applied for the base that you are currently recruiting for some while ago and my friend, who applied last week has already heard from you. What is happening to my application?

The Recruitment Team work very hard assessing all the application forms, however I hope you can understand that Flybe do receive a large number applications each week and the time it takes can vary as it can depend on a number of different factors.

I cannot get back into my application form, what can I do?

If you cannot remember your log-in details, please use the 'forgotten your password' prompt on the log-in page. Your password will then be emailed to you. Your password is the series of numbers and letters which you were originally issued at the time of your application, it is not the answer to your secret question.

I cannot get back into my application due to an error on the system what can I do?

If there appears to be a system error with your application which is not linked to your log-in details, please email [email protected]

I have been unsuccessful in my application, how long before I can re-apply

We ask all candidates to wait 6 months before re-applying.

I do not have a full driving licence, is it essential to have one, as I live very close to the airport?

It is essential that all applicants can confirm that they can fulfil all the requirements, as listed on Cabin Crew page before they can complete and submit an application form to become a member of Cabin Crew. You must hold a full UK driving licence, as you may be required to drive a hire car to or from another base.

I have a small tattoo on my foot/leg/arm.  I can cover it with a plaster/make-up etc.  Can I still apply for a position as Cabin Crew?

All Cabin Crew at Flybe must have no visible tattoos when wearing Flybe uniform. This means that they are not allowed to have any tattoos on their feet/legs/arms/neck or any part of the body that is not normally covered by our Cabin Crew uniform. This includes short-sleeved shirts for males and females and skirts for females. The tights denier prohibits tattoos on legs that wouldn’t be covered by a knee-length skirt. This includes not covering a tattoo with make-up or jewellery.

Do you accept applications for Direct Entry Senior Cabin Crew?

On occasion we do recruit DE SCC, please check our website. We are always interested in Crew with flying experience.



I have been invited to attend an assessment day and asked to confirm my attendance. How do I do this?

You will receive an email inviting you to attend an assessment day, and the link in the email will take you to your account so that you can select an assessment day. Or you can log directly into your account to select an assessment day.

I cannot find my school certificates – can I still come to the assessment day?

You may still attend, however should you be successful at interview we will need to see these documents before an offer of employment can be made. We would advise you to make contact with the relevant authorising bodies to obtain copies, if necessary.

I have been invited to an assessment day, however I do not have my passport/driving licence/other ID documents at this time. What do I do?

Flybe do require all applicants who wish to attend an assessment day to bring with them their passport, driving licence and any other documents e.g. their right to work in the UK, if applicable.  However, if you are missing one part of your documentation (e.g. due to it being renewed or replaced) do not let this deter you from attending an assessment day. Should you then be successful following an interview, Flybe would need to see your original documentation and to hold a colour copy of that documentation for our records. We would therefore advise you to ensure that you apply for any documents that require to be renewed as soon as possible.

I have been invited to an assessment day and are there any preparations I should make for this?

The first part of the day will be checking your documents and measuring your height. Then there will be group exercises/assessments, a short quiz in Maths and English and other group activities. The Maths quiz is more of an arithmetic exercise so please think about the tasks that Cabin Crew undertake – for example selling food, drinks and other goods on board, (in different currencies) which is what we will be concentrating on. You may also find it useful to look at our website to gather background information about Flybe.

Do Flybe assist with any travel or accommodation costs for assessment days?

Unfortunately we are unable to assist with any costs incurred by attending an assessment day with us.


How long does an assessment day last?

It is very difficult to give a definitive answer as it can depend upon so many variable factors e.g. how many people attend on the day, if you are successful at passing the assessments, which take place over the first part of the day.  If you are not successful at passing the assessments you are advised that you may leave.  However, if you are successful at the assessment stage, you are then invited to attend a face-to-face interview. Again, it will depend upon how many people are successful after the assessments as to how long you may have to wait to attend your interview slot. All interviews take place following the assessments.

How am I informed of the outcome of my interview?

If you are successful and therefore we wish to offer a training course to you, we will contact you as soon as we have arranged a suitable start date. When you have verbally accepted the offer of our training course, you will then receive a confirmation by e-mail, followed by contract of employment and other documentation by post. However, if you are unsuccessful following an interview you will receive an e-mail informing you of our decision.

My application / assessment day outcome was unsuccessful, what can I do?

Unfortunately we are unable to provide individual feedback about unsuccessful applications. You must be able to fulfil all the requirements as listed and we do look for certain competencies at the assessment day. If you failed the Maths or English quiz we suggest you concentrate on these and general interview techniques. We ask all candidates to wait 6 months before re-applying.



If successful do I have to pay for my training course?

All new Cabin Crew must sign a £1000 bond to covering training costs which is deducted from your salary over 1 to 3 years. If you leave the company during this time, you would need to pay back the outstanding amount.

I have not received my joining instructions yet and the training course is starting next week. What do I do?

All the information that you require before you join Flybe, including your travel arrangements and hotel booking, are emailed to you before you are due to join Flybe. If for any reason you have not received the details 2 weeks prior to your start date, please contact our People Team [email protected]

Am I issued with a uniform and do I have to pay for it?

Yes, a uniform is provided for you. For female crew this includes jacket, skirt, trousers, blouse (long and short sleeved) and hat. For male crew, jacket, shirt (long and short sleeved) and trousers for male crew. You are not charged for your uniform. You will be required to purchase your own shoes as per company standards and the company will contribute towards the cost.

How long is the training course and where does it take place?

The training course is arranged over 4 weeks and it is based in Exeter. Accommodation with breakfast is provided for you, and we will arrange to transport you to and from the training course and your base airport. You would need to allow for the cost of lunch and dinner whilst attending the training course.

What does the training consist of?

There is an intensive training course arranged for you. You will need to learn all aspects of the work that is involved for Cabin Crew. For example, you would be taught about health and safety; aviation physiology; emergencies; first aid; food handling; and survival, (you are required to be able to swim for 25 metres) amongst other topics.

I have a holiday/honeymoon booked after the training course, will this be honoured?

We would take any pre-booked holiday into account when making an offer of a training course to you.  The business needs have to be considered and existing Cabin Crew may have already been allocated certain weeks for their annual leave. Therefore depending on the length of time that you have booked and also the time of year, we would need to consider your request first before making an offer of employment.

What are the career prospects for Cabin Crew?

After you have completed one year’s flying experience (and subject to performance and positions being available) you would be eligible to apply for Senior Cabin Crew. We may also have opportunities within our Cabin Crew Recruitment Team, and roles such as Sales Ambassadors and Cabin Crew Trainers.