Cabin Crew

Cabin Crew

Flybe cabin crew


If successful at interview, you will be allocated a place on our intensive 4-week Cabin Crew Training course with transport and accommodation provided.

You will be required to pay a contribution towards your training of £1,000 from your salary, once you start flying as Cabin Crew, which you can choose to repay over a 12 or 36 month period.

The  training course, which is provided by Flybe, includes safety and emergency training, fire drills, lifesaving and First aid, all of which is essential for your role as Cabin Crew.  You will be provided with your uniform free of charge and during the course you will be shown how best to present yourself.  All of this will ensure that you continue to maintain the high professional standards that Flybe’s Cabin Crew team deliver.

Flybe also provides conversion training to Cabin Crew who are successful in achieving promotion to become a Senior Cabin Crew Member, and during your career as Cabin Crew your will also receive regular Annual Refresher training all carried out by Flybe’s professional trainers.