Baggage restrictions, terms and conditions

General hold luggage terms and conditions

The maximum permissible weight, for health and safety reasons, for any single item of checked in hold luggage is 32kg.
If you are travelling with other passengers and you have all pre-booked hold luggage you may share your allowance, however no individual item of hold luggage can exceed 32kg for health and safety reasons.

Should you need to carry large amounts of hold luggage which may exceed the 2 x 23kg pre-bookable hold luggage allowance, our cargo department may be able to assist you with your requirements.
When pre-booking hold luggage online or via the Call Centre at discounted rates, these apply per passenger per one way flight and no refunds are given on this discounted rate; no refunds will also be given if more items of hold baggage are booked than are carried.

Hold luggage charges are applied per person per one-way journey.

When paying for an item of hold luggage at the airport, payment will be required in full by either cash or credit/debit card. Split forms of payment are not permitted. Please note that not all airports will allow cash payments.
An excess baggage charge will be levied at the airport for passengers carrying over their allowance. Charges may vary for franchise or code share routes not operated by Flybe, and will be applied at the prevailing rate when payment is made.

Infants do not receive a hold luggage allowance.

Flybe reserves the right to vary the hold luggage charges without prior notice and charges will be applied at the prevailing rate at the time the items of hold luggage are booked.


General cabin bag terms & conditions

There are many items which are considered to be dangerous and therefore cannot be carried as cabin bag. If you are still unsure as to whether you are able to carry a particular item onboard please check our restricted baggage pages or contact us.
For safety reasons there are restrictions in place on liquids, gels and pastes being carried as cabin bag.
Please be reminded that all passengers are not to accept articles or baggage from other persons, and not to leave baggage unattended. Please contact Flybe at the airport if you are given articles to carry for another person, or if you have not been able to keep your baggage under constant supervision.


Delayed or damaged hold luggage

Should you discover that your hold baggage has been delayed or damaged, please make your way directly to a Flybe representative at the airport who will assist you in completing the required forms.  Should your hold luggage be delayed, we would ask you to contact the airport information desk during the first five days and contact our Flybe Secondary Tracing department following this period.  The contact details for our Claims and Tracing Department's will be available on the documents provided by the Baggage Services Area at your Arrival Airport.
In the unlikely event that your hold luggage has been delayed and/or if you have reported your bag missing to us and you are in possession of a PIR (Property Irregularity Report ), please use our baggage tracking service to check the status of your file and to contact your arrival airport.
Should you mislay an item on-board the aircraft or within the airport terminal, please contact the airport information desk who will put you in contact with the lost property department.


Special declaration of interest and supplementary value charge

Under the Montreal Convention, Flybe's liability for lost, damaged or delayed hold luggage is limited to 1131 SDRs¹. Flybe will allow passengers to declare a higher value up to a maximum of 2,000 SDRs per person, provided that the criteria below can be met. A set administration charge of £25 (€40, 55CHF) per sector will be levied separately for the outward and return flight. A receipt will be issued for this amount. This is not an insurance premium. Any subsequent claim would be subject to proven loss. Passengers who wish to declare a supplementary value may do so at the Flybe ticket desk at the airport and must present themselves, with their baggage no later than 2 hours prior to departure. The request must be made and the supplementary value charge must be paid prior to check-in. The items must be appropriately packaged and the checked item must be suitably secured or locked. Flybe reserve the right to examine the items being declared and will detail these on an inventory which will be signed by the passenger and staff member. The checked item must then be locked by the passenger in the presence of the agent. Where a passenger has declared a supplementary value for their hold luggage it will only be accepted on Flybe services and cannot be through checked on to any other airline.
¹ An SDR (Special Drawing Right) is an international unit of currency.  The value of an SDR is recalculated each banking day.  Details of the current exchange rate can be found on



We shall have no liability whatsoever for damage to articles not permitted to be contained in checked hold luggage, including fragile or perishable items, items having a special value, such as money, jewellery, precious metals, computers, personal electronic devices, negotiable papers, securities, or other valuables, business documents, passports and other identification documents, or samples. Please see the General Conditions of Carriage. It is in the passenger's own interests to ensure that they have adequate travel insurance or insurance which specifically covers the item(s) that are carried onboard or within the aircraft hold(s).