You can now earn Avios when you fly with Flybe

Bookings that are fully completed by a Flybe customer will now be eligible for  3 Avios per £1 excluding Government mandated Air Passenger Duty (APD).

To sign up and earn Avios when you fly with Flybe; join today by visiting to register.

If you already have a 16 digit Avios number with another Avios programme, you can collect with Flybe. You will notice an option to enter your existing Avios account number into the booking process and if you are not already registered you can join by just visiting to register.


What are Avios?

Avios are travel rewards points that turn your everyday spending into flights and other travel rewards


What are the benefits of the Flybe Avios Programme?

The Flybe Avios Programme offers a wide range of ways to collect Avios from household names such as Tesco, British Airways, Iberia, and myriad of other collection partners including when you shop online via the Avios eStore.  Avios can be used towards purchases of flights, Eurostar, cruises and wine clubs, as well as holiday extras such as car hire, hotel bookings, travel insurance and leisure experiences.


How do I join the Flybe Avios Programme?

You can join the Programme by visiting


How do I collect Avios?

Flybe customers will collect Avios on Flybe scheduled flights booked through any channel including direct at, via a travel agent or 3rd party booking website.

Customers can also earn Avios with a range of partners including Tesco (by converting Clubcard points into Avios), Laithwaites Wine, British Airways, Iberia, Avis and many more partners by visiting 

In addition, it’s possible to collect Avios easily when shopping online by using the Avios eStore shopping portal at where you can earn Avios for shopping online with many popular high street and web only brands such as John Lewis, M&S, B&Q, Debenhams.


How many Avios will I collect when I fly with Flybe?

You can now earn 3 Avios per £1 spent on Flybe flights (excluding Government mandated Air Passenger Duty – APD).


Can I collect Avios against bags, seat and other products I purchase?

Yes! When booking direct on Flybe’s website, Avios are awarded on the total ticket value including bags and seats (excluding Government mandated Air Passenger Duty).


How can I spend Avios with Flybe?

There are two ways you can spend Avios on Flybe flights, as a discount towards a ticket on using ‘Part Pay’ and for a redemption seat on


How does ‘Part Pay’ work?

When booking a ticket on; if you log in with your Avios account details, you can exchange your Avios for a discount off the commercial ticket.


Do I still earn Avios on a ticket where I have used ‘Part Pay’ for a discounted ticket?

Yes! You will earn Avios on the full ticket value. Using ‘Part Pay’ is effectively using Avios as a method of payment; so, you will earn Avios at the rate of 3 Avios per £1 (excluding APD) on the full price.


How many Avios do I need to redeem for a Flybe flight on

The amount of Avios needed to purchase a Flybe flight varies according to how far you would like to travel on each flight.

Up to 650 miles

4500 Avios per person per one way flight plus airline taxes, fees and surcharges

651-1151 miles

7500 Avios per person per one way flight plus airline taxes, fees and surcharges

If you change your booking from a zone 1 flight to a zone 2 flight you would need to pay the difference in Avios as well as the difference in taxes and the admin fee of £35.

How else can I spend my Avios?

There are many ways to spend Avios including with other airlines, hotel and car rental partners and towards experiences and even cases of wine.

For details on other ways to spend your Avios please visit


Can I buy flights for other people?

Yes, you can, but they will need to be an Avios member to collect.


Can I collect Avios if I buy flights for other people?

Avios are collected by the member, so each passenger travelling would need to have their own account.


How can I collect Avios if I didn’t enter an Avios number at the time of booking?

If you need to add an Avios number to your booking, you can do so before your flight be managing your booking on Alternatively you can contact the Flybe contact centre on 0371 700 2000. If you have already flown and want to collect Avios, you’ll need to do a retroclaim, see ‘How to claim missing Avios’ below for more information.


Am I able to earn Avios for my children?

Only the customer travelling as part of the booking can earn against their own Avios and would need to be over the age of 18.


Am I able to claim Avios for my baby?

You need to be over the age of 18 to earn Avios and each passenger would need to have their own Avios membership. However, you might be able to add infants to a redemption booking made with Avios by just paying 10% of the standard Avios plus any applicable taxes and charges.


I book flights via a travel agency or corporate booking agency. How do I continue to earn Avios?

Simply tell your travel agent or corporate booking agent that you have a 26 digit Avios number at the time of your booking.  The Avios will be awarded to your account within 30 days of completing the flight.  If you forget to let your agency know, please go through Claims should be made within 40 days of travel.


Can I spend Avios on any Flybe flight?

Yes, on any scheduled flight operated by Flybe or franchise partner including Eastern Airways, Blue Islands and Stobart Air.


How do I book a redemption flight using Avios?

Flights can be booked via or by calling the Avios Contact Centre on 0844 49 333 99. Alternatively, you can get a discount on a commercial ticket booked on using ‘Part Pay’ with your Avios.


Do Avios expire/have an expiry date?

Avios do not expire unless there has been no Avios either earned or redeemed within a 36 month period. 


If I use Avios to book a flight is it completely free?

No, taxes and charges will need to be paid at the time of booking.  Any added extras such as extra bags, advanced seat assignment and exceptional items (for example sports goods such as golf clubs or skis) can be booked by contacting Flybe.


How do I book a flight with Avios?

Flights can be booked via or by calling the Avios Contact Centre on 0844 49 333 99.


Will I be able to change my Avios flight?

Yes, Flybe flights can be changed in respect of date and time by contacting Avios on 0844 49 333 99. The cost to change is £35.00 per person per flight.

If you choose to cancel your booking outside of 24 hours before departure you can do so by contacting Avios on 0844 49 333 99. The cost to cancel is £35.00 per person per flight and your Avios will be re-credited to your account.

If you choose to cancel within 24 hours of departure you can do so by contacting Avios on 0844 49 333 99. The cost to cancel is £35.00 per person per flight and your Avios will not be re-credited to your account.


Am I able to change the name on an Avios flight?

Name changes are not permitted for Avios reward tickets.


Are Avios refundable?

If you decide not to travel Avios are refundable subject to a cancellation fee of £35 per flight per person, in addition you are able to apply to have your taxes and charges refunded.  If Flybe cancel a flight for reasons outside of our control your Avios will be refunded.  All enquiries should be made direct to Avios on 0844 49 333 99.


How long should I wait to check if my Avios have been applied to my Avios Account?

Avios and Flybe try to ensure your Avios are applied to your Avios account within 30 days of a Flybe booking being fully completed (inbound and outbound).  Please ensure you have created your Avios account log-in details at  Once 30 days have passed please go to to check your point balance.


I have waited 30 days, checked my Avios account but I cannot see my Avios.  What do I do now?

If you gave Flybe your Avios membership number as part of your booking or have paired your Avios and Flybe accounts, before you made your booking, please contact Flybe Customer Services to raise a Missing Avios case.  If you did not give Flybe your Avios membership number at the time of booking or you were not a member of Avios before you made the booking, please apply for a retroclaim for the Avios via ‘Your Account’ on


Do I need to complete my whole booking to collect Avios?

Yes, you need to complete all flights within your booking (outbound and inbound for example) to be eligible to collect Avios for that booking.


I wasn’t able to make my outward and/or return journey, can I still collect my Avios?

If you are unable to travel on all of the flights within your booking, you will not be able to collect Avios for the ones that were completed.


My outward-bound flight operated normally, but my return flight was cancelled, can I still collect Avios?

The Avios for this type of journey will not be automatically applied to your account.  Please contact Flybe Customer Services to apply for the Avios.


My Flybe flight is part of a Tour Operator Package, can I collect Avios?

Flights booked as part of a package in this way, are not able to collect Avios.


I have booked and I am travelling on a Flybe flight operated by Eastern, Blue Island and/or Stobart Air, can I collect Avios?

Yes all flights operated by our Franchise Partners, Stobart Air, Blue Island and Eastern Airways, are eligible for Avios collection.


I have booked a flight with Flybe that is operated by Air France, can I collect Avios?

Avios may be collected by passengers travelling on a Flybe Ticket on Air France operated flight between Manchester and Paris Charles de Gaulle and Birmingham and Paris Charles de Gaulle only.


I booked my flight via Flybe’s mobile website, can I collect Avios?

Yes you can, all you need to do is claim the Avios via the ‘Your Account’ on


  How to claim missing Avios

  • Please ensure you have checked the eligibility criteria which are detailed in the Terms and Conditions and allowed 30 days after completion of your whole Flybe itinerary for the Avios to be credited to your Avios account.

  • Contact the Flybe Customer Service team for investigation via our dedicated Avios contact form here.

  • You have up to 40 days from completing the eligible Flybe flight to query your Avios application. In the event that you do not make a claim within the specified period, any Avios that are not claimed will be lost.

What can I do if I believe my Avios balance is incorrect?

If you believe that your Avios balance is incorrect based on the information on your Flybe account, please log in at to confirm the correct amount. There may be a delay in updating your balance on our website after your flights.

Alternatively, you can contact Avios directly if you would like to query your account balance. You can contact Avios using web chat, by email or by telephone. Contact Avios

If you have recently flown with Flybe and have not received your Avios, please allow up to 30 days for your balance to be updated. If you still have not received your Avios after this time, please read the below article: I have not received my Avios rewards, how do I claim?