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Passenger assistance


We wish to ensure that your journey is as pleasurable as possible, so to enable us to assist with your requirements. If you require special assistance please ensure that you contact us on +44 (0) 1392 683152 or at least 48 hours prior to your travel to enable us to pre-arrange assistance for your journey.

Assistance when travelling by air

If you require assistance at the airport due to disability or medical condition we are happy to arrange this on your behalf. Please contact us at least 48 hours before departure to let us know what assistance you require.

Some airports will have very long walking distances and may involve using stairs within the airport terminal as well as to access the plane. You may require assistance with your mobility or medical equipment or you may need an escort to help you navigate through the airport terminal.

On arrival at the airport, we ask that you make yourself known to airport staff. Passenger Assistance Points are signposted throughout the airport and are generally located within the car parks, taxi rank and bus stops, as well as within the departure area of the terminal. Alternatively, you can make our check-in staff aware of your requirements and they will contact the assistance company on your behalf or direct you to the designated area. Information regarding Passenger Assistance Points can be obtained by contacting the airport information line or by viewing their website.

Please ensure you have completed all your check-in processes and are at the assistance desk more than an hour before the scheduled departure time.

Assistance Provided by Airport and Airline Staff /Independent Travel

We will always endeavour to support passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility whether travelling with us independently or with a companion/helper, however there are limits with regards to providing personal care.
Airport staff and Cabin Crew will assist passengers to bathroom facilities but are unable to provide any further personal care that may be required. If you feel you may need assistance within the bathroom cubicles or with any other personal care requirements, you will need to consider travelling with an escort.

Airline and airport staff is also limited in the assistance they are able to provide with regard to administering medical treatments and operating medical equipment. You may therefore need to travel with a companion if you require assistance that cannot be provided by airport or airline staff. Please contact us if you require more detailed information in relation to your particular requirements at least 48 hours before your journey.

Accessible toilet facilities:

Q400 – Please note the toilets are at the front on this aircraft type are small and may be difficult to access

E195 – Please note that these toilets are locatated at the back of the aircraft and have two balance support/grab handles one to the left of the sink and one to the left of the toilet seat

E175 – Please note that these toilets are locatated at the back of the aircraft and have two balance support/grab handles one to the left of the sink and one to the left of the toilet seat

If you do have any questions regarding this please contact us.

Onboard the Aircraft

All passengers are required to understand and follow the safety instructions provided by the airport and airline staff. With advanced notice we can ensure these instructions are provided in a way that is most suitable for you. A passenger will require an escort if they are unable to understand or follow safety instructions independently. We currently do not supply onboard wheelchairs on any of our aircraft. Please contact us if you require further information.

Flybe can also accept passengers who require the use of a car seat or harness as a result of none or limited upper body strength. This must be one of the following and we advise that you contact us in advance to advise us of this need.

Crelling HSB1, Model 27 Harness
The amsafe cares harness

These can be viewed via and


Seating onboard

If you have mobility issues you may want to use a seat with a moveable aisle armrest. On most of our aircraft all the aisle seat arms can be lifted except on Row 1, however, seating is not available in emergency exit roes and is not recommended on the last row of the aircraft, please see below for aircraft specifics.

Q400 = 1A, 1B, 2C and 2D are emergency exits and therefore seating is not available, row 21 is the last row and not recommended.

E195 – Rows 1 and 15 are emergency exits and therefore seating is not available, row 30 is the last row and not recommended.

E175 - Row 1 is the emergency exits and therefore seating is not available, row 23 is the last row and not recommended.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your seating requirements.

Contact us

We offer a call back service if you are unable to contact us by email, please provide your telephone number including the area code to the staff member who takes your call.

Contact us at least 48hrs before you travel to register your requirements or to make an enquiry.

Download Flybe Mobility Aid Request Form here

Telephone: +44 (0) 1392 683152

Opening hours:
08:00 to 18:30 Monday to Friday
08:00 to 16:00 Saturday
10:00 to 18:00 Sunday and Bank Holidays


If you wish to contact us for any other reason please click here.

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