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Emission trading scheme

EU Emissions Trading Scheme

Flybe, along with all member airlines of ELFAA, the European Low Fares Airline Association, supports the inclusion of aviation in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme.

The 2007 Stern Report put aviation’s share of global greenhouse gases at 1.6%. While this is small in comparison with road transport’s 24% share, Flybe acknowledges that something must be done to offset this. A well-designed emissions trading scheme rewards airlines who have invested in new aircraft and incentivises those who haven’t, is the most environmentally effective way to achieve this.

Flybe’s aircraft fleet is one of the youngest and most environmentally sensitive in the world and is disappointed at the decision to delay inclusion of all flights arriving and departing EU airports, as proposed by the European Commission in the initial draft of their proposed legislation.

Limiting the scope of the scheme initially to intra-EU flights only will capture only 20% of EU aviation carbon emissions, or approximately 0.5% of overall EU emissions. It is unfair and discriminatory that long haul airlines, who are the biggest polluters, would not have to pay the cost of their emissions. There is also a serious risk that the delay in incorporating long haul traffic would become intractable and we would end up with intra-European only airlines like Flybe – who are the most efficient producers - being put at a competitive disadvantage.