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07 Devember 2013

Leading regional airline hits out at airlines having to be 'insurer of last resort'

Following the major failure of communications systems at NATS headquarters over the weekend that caused misery for hundreds of thousands of airline passengers, Flybe has hit out against the fact that it is the airlines that have to act as ‘the Insurers of last resort’ yet again.

Commenting on the situation, Chief Commercial Officer Paul Simmons comments: “Flybe had 170 flights scheduled for Saturday 7th December. Due to the NATS fiasco just 27% of our services got away within 15 minutes of their scheduled time, something that is totally unacceptable and meant thousands of our passengers had their travel badly disrupted.

“It’s clearly not a fair system when NATS can wash their hands of any financial compensation to the millions of passengers who were let down. But the airlines once again have to act as ‘the Insurers of last resort’ and pick up the tab. That’s really not acceptable.”

In praising the work of Flybe staff who worked tirelessly to keep delays and disruptions to a minimum, he added: “The fact that only four of Flybe’s 170 flights on Saturday were cancelled when compared to other airlines’ performances, is down to the fantastic efforts of our staff on the ground and at our Exeter HQ.I pay tribute to ther outstanding work on behalf of our passengers. The very fact that 96% of our flights departed on time the following day is also testament to their ability.”



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