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May 24th 2011


Leading regional airline flies female Hamerkop bird across the water to meet new mate in Jersey

Flybe, Europe’s largest regional airline and the UK’s number one domestic carrier, this afternoon flew a female Hamerkop from Edinburgh to Jersey for a new breeding programme that is an initiative of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust at their wildlife park.

The distinctive water bird, native to Africa and Madagascar and best known for its compulsive nest building habits, travelled in her own IATA-approved carrying box to ensure her comfort and safety. On arrival, the VIP passenger was met by Dr Amy Hall, an Animal Registrar at Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, who said: “Flybe’s convenient direct flight from Edinburgh to Jersey has allowed us to minimise the stress to the bird relating to its transfer. Flybe also has the extensive experience of transporting exotic cargo so was the ideal choice to help us make this perfect match and we look forward to her joining her new mate in our spacious ‘walk through’ Madagascan Aviary, Kirindy Forest.”

Flybe’s cargo operations is no stranger to transporting rare species, with previous special passengers having included ospreys, seals, rare Australian ‘big belly’ seahorses, stump-tailed macaque monkeys and Blondie the albino hedgehog who was flown to Guernsey.
Flybe’s Chief Commercial Officer Mike Rutter, comments: “As the UK’s number one domestic airline and the largest scheduled carrier flying out of 38 UK airports, we have grown something of a reputation for our expertise in carrying rare and precious cargo from various locations across the country and we look forward to hearing about the success of this important new breeding programme.”