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15th September 2009

Flybe puts the face back into British business

Flybe launches new ad campaign to reinforce the importance of face-to-face meetings

Flybe, Europe’s largest regional airline and the UK’s number one domestic carrier, has launched an innovative new campaign that highlights the airline’s commitment to keeping business on the move by creatively showing how ‘Business is Better Face to Face’.

The new hard-hitting advertising  campaign targets business travellers and aims to communicate the importance and power of face to face meetings for more effective business and the importance of personal contact, with the claim that conference calls won’t win business.

The execution of Flybe’s new campaign, created by its creative agency SOUK, will initially run across UK regional press, outdoor poster sites, mobile Ad Vans and across its digital networks,  supported by some high profile PR activity that will run alongside ongoing leisure-focused marketing for the next two months.

Simon Lilley, Flybe’s Director of Marketing explains: “Keeping business moving is key to both national and regional economies.  I have heard so many stories of cameras going out of focus or sound quality faltering during video and conference calls, and even of people sneaking out of the room altogether during these meetings. Deals really don’t get clinched by phone and it’s still generally recognised that nothing is more effective in winning business and building relationships than face-to-face meetings and a handshake. I believe we have reached the point now where Financial Directors have overcome the need to impose business travel cost savings as pure symbolism in the current climate, with organisations now approving movement of managers to ensure business develops whilst still being prescriptive over the avoidance of legacy travel costs.” 

In addition to the advertising campaign over the next 2 weeks Flybe will roll out a number of interactive initiatives with its business travellers which support the face to face business philosophy.

Adds Mr Lilley: “I want to hear from business travellers about their funniest experiences in using video or conference calls and we will offer the 20 best with free access to our business lounges anywhere on our network for a year! I also want to hear about key deals that have been clinched through meetings that have been held face-to-face – again, we will give away prizes for the best real life examples. Plus there’ll be more!.”

This campaign follows on from a very successful campaign Flybe ran last Autumn focusing on business travel which used real life case studies from around the UK of people that use Flybe regularly to meet their clients.